Fertility centre in Kishangang

New life fertility centre in Kishangang is one of the esteemed and honourable fertility service providers in India. We have upgraded ourselves throughout the year to make the best infertility treatments affordable to the large population of India. We always try to serve the couples in their journey of becoming parenthood.

Importance of Kishangang

Situated in the Purnia division of Bihar, Kishangang is well-connected with West Bengal, Bangladesh and many places of India.. With its scenic beauty of lush tea plantations, historical monuments, and temples, Kishangange becomes one of the most visited tourist destinations in India.

Why we are in Kishangang?

Kishangang becomes one of the fastest-growing cities in Bihar. But the medical service here doesn’t improve for lack of the best healthcare facilities. Infertility is one of the major problems among young couples now.

The need for a proper fertility centre in Kishangang has helped some of the IVF specialists in Kishangang to launch New life. We always understand the value of our patients. So here you can get the chance of getting the best fertility treatments at your affordable rates. We welcome all the couples from nearby places of Kishangang for providing special fertility treatments.

With advanced technology and high-quality fertility treatments, we bring you the effortless treatment opportunities at your doorstep:

  • Endometrial receptivity array : This is a most important hereditary test done by our IVF specialists in Kishangang which results in a personalized embryo transfer.
  • Hysteroscopy : In this process, a thin and lighted tube is inserted into the vagina of a woman to check the cervix and inside of the uterus.
  • Laparoscopy : This type of counselling helps the affected couples or individual one to adapt the mental and physical challenges during the fertility treatment.
  • Testicular Sperm Extraction : This is the process of extraction of sperm from the Testicular area by removing a small portion of tissue under anesthesia.
  • Pre-implantation Genetic screening : It is a genetic diagnosis process where the evaluation process of embryos done prior for implantation. The embryos are tested for genetic defects to avoid the diseases and disorders from being passed on to your child.

With our advanced treatment facility of IVF, New life fertility centre in Kishangang brings a new vision in the fertility treatment of the modern era. Couples in this region are need not go to anywhere for the treatment.


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