5 IVF facts for the Infertile Couples to understand

5 IVF facts for the Infertile Couples to understand


"Fertility may have challenged us but we should never lose hope to fight against it."

In the world of infertility, IVF is often seen as the last option on the treatments of infertility. However, what most people do not realize is that IVF can be the first and the most successful option for many couples. It will help you to successfully fight the battle of infertility.

It has helped thousands to live the dreams of parenthood. You might also be one of them!

The four-step process!

  • Ovulation induction
  • Egg retrieval
  • Fertilization in a laboratory
  • Embryo transfer

However, there are other treatment options too but IVF is certainly the most talked treatment option nowadays.

Overcoming infertility!

The clearest advantage of IVF treatment is that it offers the infertile couples the opportunity to conceive children, but there are additional benefits too.

Finally you can become parents now!

Here are some of the ways where IVF can increase the chances of going through a successful pregnancy and childbirth:

1. IVF works:

In some cases, couples go through many fertility treatments before arriving at the track of IVF. They might have side effects too. So, do not waste your time and money on treatments that are in doubt of providing positive results.

2. No limitations:

One of the most important benefits of IVF is that there are limited barriers to the process. It is not just restricted to a woman suffering from blocked tubes or with severe endometriosis but can also enjoy the joy of parenthood with severe male infertility problems.

3. Donated eggs:

At times, when there is a problem in the production of eggs, the doctor might suggest the use of donated eggs. In such cases, IVF is the only option. The egg and the sperm get fertilized outside the body before the process gets started.

4. Preserving fertility:

People who are passionate about their career lose track of the time passing by. By the time they plan for a baby, their age does not match. So, by freezing the eggs at an early age IVF can opt later in life.

5. Healthier Embryos:

In an older woman, many types of abnormalities start happening which causes genetically abnormal embryos. This fails to implant or leads to early abortions. However, you can remove this abnormality by selecting pre-implantation genetic screening.

IVF treatment continues to become popular, which means that the technology and success rates are also improving. Look forward to growing your family and release from the problems of infertility.

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