A Comprehensive Guide About IVF

A Comprehensive Guide About IVF


IVF is a process of fertility treatment where embryos are integrated with sperm in a petri dish outside the body. IVF assists those who want parenthood or have some fertility issues. It is an efficacious form of assisted reproductive technology.

If you are trying to have a baby for a long period and get no fruitful results, search for an IVF center near me on Google. More than 15% of the couples are facing this issue. So don’t think lonesome and take an immediate step.

IVF: Concept

IVF is an assisted reproductive technology where egg and sperm are fertilized in a lab. In this complex process after collecting an egg from the ovary it is fertilized with the help of sperm in a petri dish. After some days fertilized eggs are put into the female’s uterus. Gestation happens when this egg embeds itself into the uterine wall.

IVF: Causes

  • People normally choose the IVF process if they have infertility problems or any chronic health issues
  • Same-sex couple also uses the IVF process to have a baby
  • Men who want to have a baby without a partner can use this process

Other health issues that are responsible for infertility include:

  • Impaired or blocked fallopian tube
  • Endometriosis
  • Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
  • Low sperm count
  • Uterine fibroids
  • Unexplained infertility
  • Genetic disorder
  • Gestational surrogacy

IVF: The Duration

IVF is a difficult process with several steps. It needs four to six weeks to be completed. The process starts from egg retrieval and medication before the procedure to the pregnancy test. Nowadays almost 5% of people use the IVF process to get parenthood.

IVF: The Process

The following steps are followed during IVF treatment.

Birth Control Pills

Before commencing IVF treatment your doctor will prescribe you a birth control pill. It will help to control ovarian cysts and periodical cycles in time. It also helps to prepare a large number of mature embryos during the egg retrieval procedure.

Ovarian Stimulation

Generally, one mature egg is sufficient for the ovulation process. However, your healthcare provider injects you with a medication that stimulates all the eggs. Thus you can provide a lot of mature eggs at a time. Not only injecting medicines your doctor may use monitoring and trigger shot processes to stimulate all the eggs completely.

Egg Retrieval

Your doctor uses a thin needle put into your ovary from the vagina to collect all those mature eggs. Then all the eggs are kept in a petri dish. After that, the dish is placed into an incubator. To avoid pain your doctor will provide you with a painkiller injection during the egg retrieval process. The process requires 36 hours after the trigger shot injection.


On the next day, your embryologist injects sperm into all the mature eggs, and immature eggs are rejected. All mature eggs are placed with sperm and some nutrients. Through this process, almost 70% of eggs will be fertilized.

Embryo Development

It requires five to six days to develop embryos completely. Then developed embryos are put into your uterus.


While embryos are implanted into the uterus lining you will get pregnant. Your IVF doctor collects blood samples to ensure pregnancy. It will generally happen after nine to fourteen days of the embryo transfer process.

IVF is a complex and combined process. It has also some risks. So if you want to understand the process in detail, you should find out an IVF center near me soon. IVF is one of the successful processes to get pregnant. 

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