Detailed and An Effective Guide to IVF Treatment

Detailed and An Effective Guide to IVF Treatment


Wishing for something that you really deserve will take you to the point where you can find the solution to overcome the problems and consequences. Infertility is such a condition that obstructs you in fulfilling your dreams. There are so many causes for infertility in both men and woman but the advancement of science comes with the solution with In Vitro Fertilization or IVF treatment that increases the chances of getting pregnant and gives you a feeling of experiencing parenthood.

How does the process work?

In the beginning, one must understand the meaning of IVF to get the things clearer in the process of this treatment. IVF treatment begins with production medication to help ovaries to produce healthy and mature eggs. This process is called ovulation induction. Regular checkup and blood tests are done to examine the level of hormone along with the track that records the egg production.


IVF Treatment


You need to follow the instructions and guidelines of the doctor and wait for the time till the ovary produces enough mature eggs. During this process of treatment, you need to look after your health by eating the right, doing healthy exercises and stay relaxed without worries. The best IVF centre in India will take the best care in terms of improving your health condition which in turn helps you to produce mature eggs ready for fertilization.

After, proper observation when the doctor finds that your ovary has produced enough mature eggs then the next process begins. Here, mature eggs are removed from your ovary through a minor surgery which is called Egg Retrieval. This process is crucial and needs proper care in order to find the best possibilities. A thin hollow tube is inserted inside the vagina that goes into the ovary and follicles to hold the eggs. A sectional device will gently pull the eggs and take them out to continue the process.

The eggs are then mixed with sperm taken from your partner or a donor and kept in a special container for the fertilization process. Sperms with slow movement or low motility are injected directly into the eggs and wait for the positive result and when the cells start dividing and become embryos, the monitoring is done for a few days.

Finally, the time came when one or more embryos are transferred into the uterus which is called Embryo Transfer. If any of the embryos are get attached to the lining of your uterus then pregnancy happens. To increase the chances of pregnancy doctors put more than one embryo.

What causes infertility?


IVF Treatment


You might observe that out of ten couples; one is having the issue of infertility and looking for a treatment to get away from it. Fitness, age, sperm quality and less egg production are some of the common causes of infertility which need to be taken under consideration. The best fertility center in India gives you the reasons in order to find the best ways to solve them.

  • Age: After attaining the age of 35 the quality and quantity of egg start declining in a woman that might give you a problem in conceiving. Treatments can help you in such a situation.
  • Hormonal Issues: For both men and women, hormonal function plays a big role to achieve parenthood. Conditions such as polycystic ovarian syndrome when a woman produces male hormones and does not ovulate regularly.
  • Lifestyle: In recent times, lifestyle is one of the reasons for infertility. Improper sleep, leading a hectic and stress full life, smoking and consumption of alcohol might give you such issues.
  • Blockages: Sometimes woman experiences abnormal growth called fibroids or polyps inside the uterus; this may block fallopian tubes and lead to infertility.
  • Sperm Quality: Quality and quantity of the sperm make a serious issue in this process. A man needs to release enough sperm with a faster-moving rate to fertilize the eggs. Lower testosterone rates and health conditions like diabetes and kidney diseases may welcome such issues.

What to do during IVF Treatment

Stay relaxed and don't put yourself in any difficult situations because it is all about your willing power and determination that makes the process successful in true sense. IVF treatment is a long process and to get the positive result you must follow a lifestyle according to the need of your body. Newlife fertility centre gives you a direction for leading a life that will create a difference over both the body and mind.

Maintain the comfort zone at work

Yes, it is difficult to manage time and taking leave while you are in an IVF treatment but somehow you need to maintain the comfort zone instead of taking extra pressure. Forcing yourself towards work might increases the level of stress which is not good for the process you are going through.

Focus on exercises that reduce mental stress

You must do some healthy exercises that improve the blood circulation and keeps you motivated towards the goal. Walking on the grasses during the early morning, following steps of prenatal Yoga, water aerobics and light intensity swimming are some of the best exercises you can follow to keep the body capable of treatment.

Eat Healthy Foods


Healthy Foods


Foods that are rich in carbohydrate, zinc, folic acid, protein and fats along with plenty of water helps the body to manage with the basic needs. You must consult with the doctor before eating anything. Balancing the diet is necessary to come out with the deserving results.

Schedule your life

There is nothing to worry about doing something extraordinary but one must follow a healthy schedule to keep the thing in the right place. Positive changes in your lifestyle like sleeping early and waking up early can be the first step for you to keep the body healthy and prepared for IVF treatment.

Trust lies in between success and failure so you must stay motivated towards making life more interesting with IVF treatment. New Life Fertility Centre is the Best Fertility centre in India that takes the responsibility to fulfill your dreams into reality.

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