Are IVF Babies comparatively Healthy in Body and Mind?

Are IVF Babies comparatively Healthy in Body and Mind?


The advancement in the procedure of ART has come out to be positive for many couples dealing with infertility. It has helped them to get the joy of parenthood. But at the same time, several questions have come up about the process of IVF. In a way, people believe that IVF is not as same as natural conception. Also, one more question arises, whether IVF babies born to be healthy in mind and body? Let us find out!

The Health of the IVF babies

When you come to the process of IVF, the couples doubt whether an IVF baby will be healthy like the naturally conceived babies or not. Experts are also working on this to put an end to the myth related to the physical health of IVF babies.

IVF v/s Natural conception

Before going into explaining the overall health of an IVF baby, let us first compare the process between IVF and natural pregnancy. As nature has chosen the fallopian tubes of women to be the spot for the fertilization of an egg by the sperm, the same process takes place in an IVF lab but in an artificial manner.

The outcome of the comparison

As a result, there is no difference between the process of IVF and natural pregnancy. So, it cannot be said in a way that the health of an IVF baby differs from the health of a naturally conceived baby.

But there are facts and figures too.

Do IVF babies have any health risks?

Since there are beliefs that IVF babies fall in high-risk of health issues, studies have also shown that prematurity, lesser weight and neonatal deaths are common in IVF. Also, the risk of congenital deaths and neurological disorders in IVF babies are slightly more than the babies conceived naturally.

In addition to that, the risks are also higher in multiple births in comparison to a single pregnancy.

Think positive

Several babies are getting conceived through IVF nowadays. Also, with the advancement in the technology of IVF treatment, many IVF babies are completely healthy in mind and body. This ensures or inspires other infertile couples to opt for this technique and fulfill their dreams of starting a family.

Also, in pre-implantation embryo screening, the healthy embryos are transferred by removing the embryos which cause congenital defects providing a healthy pregnancy.

Consultation is a must before you take up IVF to start a family as it is also to keep in mind about the health of both the baby and the mother.

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