Connection Between Endometriosis and Weight Gain

Connection Between Endometriosis and Weight Gain


Endometriosis is the disorder in which the tissue that normally lines the inside of the uterus grows outside the uterus. Endometriosis is the main cause of finding the tissues on the ovaries, fallopian tubes or the intestines. This can cause chronic pain, irregular periods and infertility as well. The endometrial tissue that grows outside the uterus is known as endometrial implant and this needs to be cured on time after knowing the symptoms.

Apart from this, it is also believed that endometriosis and weight gain has a connection with each other. Many people have reported that it has caused weight gain and bloating. The research has taken place to understand this condition and it has been suspected that people with endometriosis might have the weight gain problem or make it difficult to lose weight.

Symptoms of Endometriosis


  • Constipation
  • Fluid retention
  • Bloating
  • Difficulty in getting pregnant
  • Bladder pain

Different ways in which Endometriosis might cause weight gain


Endometriosis might be one of the big factors that can cause weight gain. Even the slim and fit individual might have to face the problem of weight gain due to endometriosis.


Bloating is known as one of the most common symptoms of endometriosis. In general, bloating isnt the cause of gaining fat however, it can make the person look and feel heavier and when this thing happens a person usually tends towards gaining weight. The main thing that indicates the person is getting fat during this situation is clothing misfit. This is a big sign of weight gain and in many people bloating can have a big impact on weight gain before or during their period.


Endometriosis itself is an estrogen-dependent disease and the situation can get worse when there is the presence of higher estrogen levels. The complete dominance of estrogen inside the persons body might increase the weight of the person. This condition takes place when a persons body produces a large amount of estrogen. The large production of estrogen outweighs the progesterone and becomes one of the main cause of weight gain.

Endometriosis Treatment Drugs

Endometriosis treatment can be a major cause of weight gain in a person. The synthetic form of the hormone progesterone is regarded as one of the most effective treatments for endometriosis. That progesterone slows down the growth and development of endometrial tissue in a persons body. But, many women also experience weight gain with progesterone and according to the 2010 study, 40-50 per cent of women have gained weight due to progesterone treatment. 


Endometriosis can cause severe pain to the patient and that pain might not be the direct cause of weight gain but indirectly it does increase the weight. The ones who are suffering from endometriosis may not be able to do the regular exercise and stay active because of the pain which makes the patients unfit and leads towards gaining weight.

Losing weight with Endometriosis

The first thing that the patient with endometriosis can do is removing the endometrial tissue that grows outside the uterus because this will reduce the pain and also bloating. Doing this treatment will make the patient look thinner and also lose some weight. However, the best method for these patients will be to burn more calories than consume. This is the best way to lose weight which is followed by many people throughout the world. The patients need to increase physical activity, they should walk as much as possible and perform a high-intensity cardio exercise every week. They should also avoid the snacks with excess sugar, sodas and sweetened drinks and eat the foods with low-calorie. Consuming protein is another best thing for losing weight as protein improves metabolism and makes a person full for a long time that reduces the desire to eat high-calorie foods.

Endometriosis can be a bit frustrating to the ones who suffer from it because it might be the big cause of weight gain. However, with the proper guidance and help of the medical experts, one can easily face and tackle the challenge of weight gain through endometriosis. A certain personalized weight loss strategies are enough to face endometriosis and weight gain.

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