Understand if you Really Need an IVF Treatment? Will it Work?

Understand if you Really Need an IVF Treatment? Will it Work?


'If you dreamt about it you can definitely achieve it'

Life teaches so many things and humans are habituated with the ups and downs. Even expert says - ups and downs in life are necessary as a straight line in the ECG defines we are not alive. Hope and trust make the way to fight back in life and one must try instead of losing the hope because failures are those who quit trying.

Are you dreaming about the baby smile?

Are you aware of IVF?

Most of the time people get confused and worried about the end result of IVF treatment and that makes them depressed and even frustrated about the future. The fact is that the future is not in our hand and we have no control about the future but we can try our best in the present to make the future better. Before questioning about the need for IVF, one must know what IVF is all about and how it helps a person to fulfill their dream.

IVF stands for In vitro fertilization that helps fertilization by developing embryo through implantation to achieve pregnancy. The scientific process that makes you smiles for a better future. IVF brings some of the effective steps that take you to the moment which is priceless. A woman always wants to become a mother and infertility is something that arises as to the greatest challenge for anyone. Here, we will explain the whole process which makes you understand the importance and effectiveness of IFV. Best IVF centre in India gives you the chance of feeling great in a genuine way.

How IVF works?

In vitro fertilization or assisted reproductive technology works with the combination of medication and effective surgical procedures where the egg gets fertilized by the sperm and the fertilized egg is then implanted on the uterus of the woman. 







At the first stage, a woman needs proper medication to help the ovaries to produce eggs. Medication helps the eggs to get mature for fertilization and this process is called - 'ovulation induction'. Regular ultrasound and blood test is required to measure the hormone level which is responsible for producing healthy eggs.

After the study and observation when it is noticed that the eggs are properly matured and ready for fertilization the second stages start. The doctor put a thin and hollow tube through the vagina to get into the ovary and follicles that hold those mature eggs. This process is called 'egg retrieval'. The needle is used as a suction device to pull the eggs from each follicle in a gentle manner. Best IVF centre in India keeps the process safe and more effective for fertilization.

Both eggs and sperm are stored in a special container for fertilization

Once the eggs are removed from the ovary, the third stage starts. In the laboratory, the eggs get mixed with the sperm (taken from a partner or a donor) and the process is called - "insemination". Both the eggs and sperm are stored in a special container to start the fertilization process. If the doctor observes that the sperm have lower motility then they are injected directly into the eggs to promote effective fertilization. Working staffs in the laboratory monitor regularly until the fertilized egg divide and become embryos.







After waiting for 3-5 days one or more embryos are put into the uterus using a thin tube and this process of called - 'embryo transfer'. More than one embryo is placed to increase the chances of pregnancy. If one of the embryo gets attached with the lining of the uterus then pregnancy happens. Embryo transfer is usually not a painful process and can be done in any fertility clinic under the supervision of doctors. Best IVF centre in India treats you well in the process of fertilization instead of welcoming any adverse effect.  

After the completion of embryo transfer the person is advised to take rest for the day and after that can one can start doing normal activities under the guidance of the doctor. It is better to take progesterone for the first two weeks which a hormonal pill that helps the embryo to survive in the uterus. Never exceed your dosages or put anything extra without the consulting with the doctor. 

Will it really work?

Positivity and proper treatment will surely make it possible though no one gives you a guarantee regarding this matter. One must be emotionally strong and follow the procedures in a gentle manner to achieve the best results. There is no room for depression or anxiety as life happens with love and happiness without making the process complicated and difficult. Best IVF centre in Indiagives their effective treatment and medication procedures to bring a smile on your face.

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