Egg Donation, an important part of fertility treatment

Egg Donation, an important part of fertility treatment


Egg donation is a procedure and part of assisted reproductive technology (ART) in which a fertile woman donates an egg or oocyte to another woman to help her conceive. Egg donation is a very essential part of fertility treatment and the value of egg donation is very big in the medical field. During the procedure of egg donation the expert removes eggs from the donor and then fertilize them in a laboratory then, the resulting embryos are transferred into the recipients uterus. This is conducted by the doctors using an implantation procedure called in vitro fertilization (IVF).

Donated eggs are very much beneficial for women who cannot use their own eggs for fertility. This is the reason why a good healthy donors egg is used by the IVF experts to help the women conceive. The main reasons because of which the women cannot use their own eggs for fertilization process are:

  • Ovarian Failure
  • Avoiding congenital anomalies in the fetus
  • Advanced Age

What sorts of egg donor qualities are important?

If you are looking for donors egg for the successful completion of IVF treatment then, you need to know some major thing about the donor. Yes, you might ask about the health condition of the donor but there are also some other prominent factors that you need to know. The donor who fulfils all the criteria must be chosen by you. Apart from the health, the appearance and background of the donor also matter who has the best ability to give the best quality eggs. By knowing several things beforehand you will not have to face any type of problem during the process of IVF treatment.

The quality matters during the egg donation therefore, you must be very cautious and ask the IVF experts to only go with the best quality of eggs. This decision can prove to be vital for you as you will take a massive step towards parenthood. The main qualities that you must look for are:

Ethnic Background

You must always know the ethnic background of the donor. If you feel that culture, religion and race of the donor are important for you then, you should go with this step. Ask the experts to find the donor with a specific ethnic background who is possible to match with your familys ethnic heritage. If you want to follow the background and rules of your family then, you should surely be aware of the ethnic background of the donor.


Another important thing can be the appearance of the egg donor. If you want to have a child with physical features of yours then, the appearance of the donor can be a vital point for you. You should consider selecting a donor that has the perfect physical appearance according to your desire. You should also look after the physical features of the donor like height, hair colour and eye colour.

Personal Background     

Many recipients also consider knowing this factor about a donor before the treatment. You can also know the personal background of the donor if you want. You can go with the one with good education, career and personality. This will make you feel comfortable and allow you to choose the donor that matches your personal interests. Know the qualities of the donor and continue your journey of fertility. 

What to expect?

You can expect a good positive result because the doctors will be providing all the medical facilities and services that you need. The fertility specialist will conduct an intensive selection process to find the best donor. They will carefully run all the procedure and give you all the comfort that you need. After the donation of the egg, you need to have hormone treatment for the preparation of fertilized eggs. If you still have the functioning ovaries then, you might need estrogen and progesterone treatments to run the cycle easily with donors egg.

Over the past many years, egg donation has turned out to be a prominent part of fertility treatment. This procedure has given many positive results to the couples and fulfilled their dream of having a smiling family. It is a process which needs to proceed in the most systematic way so, it is analyzed and conducted properly right from the donation process until transferring the fertilized eggs into the recipients uterus.

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