EmbryoScope: The Latest Technology for Successful IVF

EmbryoScope: The Latest Technology for Successful IVF


Researchers are always looking for new ways to help patients realize their dream of a successful pregnancy and to become parents.

And this led to many new developments in the science of Reproductive Technologies as well as to the fertility clinics. The EmbryoScope is a perfect example. It is a high-tech device used in the IVF laboratory during the incubation period between fertilization and implantation. This advanced device allows infertility specialists to monitor the progress of fertilized eggs without removing them from the incubator. Amazing no?




Let first know about EmbryoScope!!

EmbryoScope is a new IVF technology that is now being used by fertility clinics all over the world. With rising concern about not able to distinguish good embryos with defective ones, every embryologist prefers EmbryoScope which has increased significantly now-a-days in India.

How does it Work?

  • With the use of the EmbryoScope during the time of monitoring, the embryos are observed and evaluated round the clock very minutely.
  • Most of the embryos look similar at this stage, but EmbryoScope can help a doctor distinguish between the good embryos and the defective ones.
  • The embryos with chromosomal abnormalities may have an odd appearance during cell division which EmbryoScope would be able to show.
  • This in-turn helps embryologists to evaluate the embryos at different stages of their development and make an informed decision about them.
  • Only the healthy embryos are considered for implantation, which leads to a successful pregnancy.

Embryoscope's Various Benefits!!

It provides embryologists with the much-needed support to sustain a successful pregnancy by implanting healthy embryos. Have a look at its advantages-

1.    Lowers the Risk of Embryo Damage

Embryos need the right temperature to thrive in the incubator. The traditional IVF process involves taking them out of the incubator wherein EmbryoScope the growth pattern of the embryos can easily be seen without taking them out of the incubator. This minimizes any damage to the embryos during cell division.

2.    Check Chromosomal Defects

Clicking pictures of the embryos minute by minute helps every embryologist evaluate all the embryos for chromosomal abnormalities.

3.    Offers Valuable Information

It provides detailed information about the embryos by picking up their developments through several images at the interval of minutes.

4.    Provides the Perfect Environment

It is an advanced type of incubator which provides the correct environmental condition for the embryos to grow outside the uterus.

Which Patients Can Benefit from the EmbryoScope?

In the following situations EmbryoScope should be used:

  • If the implantation has failed several times.
  • If the woman' age is more than 30 years.
  • If the woman has suffered from miscarriages several times.
  • It is very helpful for those couples who produce more number of embryos.

The Success Rates of Pregnancy!!

As per some studies, EmbryoScope incubator had a higher rate of a successful pregnancy as compared to the traditional IVF process.

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Approx Cost of EmbryoScope!!

The approx cost EmbryoScope is INR 35,000.

Though EmbryoScope has been known to be very effective during the IVF cycle, you should always speak to your doctor before going for this. By considering your specific circumstances, your doctor will help you to take the right decision to go ahead with your pregnancy plans.

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