EmbryoScope: The New IVF Technology

EmbryoScope: The New IVF Technology


Embryoscope is an incubator that helps in maintaining the physiological conditions that are required by the living embryo while it is kept in the IVF laboratory. The lapse system is incorporated with it which has the camera that captures the images and records the video of the embryonic development. The one who gets the most benefits from embryoscope is the embryologist, the system of embryoscope allows the embryologist to monitor the embryo cell division as the embryos will still be in the incubator.

The infertility specialist has been working everyday to find out the best method and treatment procedure that can help the couples to live there dream. The research and development work has led the science to know the ideas of Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART) and likewise, embryoscope is also the amazing achievement that has helped in the procedure of IVF. It is another hope for the couples that lead towards the success of having a child. It has increased the chances of achieving pregnancy in the best ways and this high-tech device is used during the incubation period between fertilization and implantation. 

How does the Embryoscope work?


At first, the egg retrieval procedure is done then after the completion of this process the female eggs and male sperm are mixed together for the fertilization process in the IVF lab. As a result the embryos are created and those embryos needs to be kept in the protected environment of the incubator and at this time embryoscope, a special type of time-lapse incubator gives the perfect condition for embryos to grow outside the embryos. The embryos stay in the incubator throughout the incubation period of 5-7 days.

At every 10 minutes, the embryoscope takes the pictures of the embryo and those pictures will be converted in the small time-lapse movies. Then, the embryologist will look at the pictures of the embryo taken by the embryoscope with the help of which the embryologists can closely monitor the condition of the embryos, cell divisions and the advancement of each embryo kept in the incubator. The function of embryoscope is not only this because it also gives the proper information regarding the growing patterns of the embryo and analyzes the positive and negative results. 

This highlights the thing that embryoscope also predicts the development and pregnancy potential of each embryo. These all things are possible because of the time-lapse camera of embryoscope and with the help of it, the best embryo is selected for the further IVF process. This saves a lot of time and also assures to give the best result.

Advantages of Embryoscope

Advantages of Embryoscope

The best benefit of embryoscope is to select the embryo for transfer process because it is a sophisticated way to improve the embryo selection procedure. The IVF experts get the most valuable information regarding the embryos and the surviving potential for transfer and implant. When the embryos are kept in the protective environment of the incubator, it eliminates all the risk factors of getting damaged or destroyed.

With the help of embryoscope, the IVF specialist can run the IVF procedure in a real quick time, a proper development process of the embryos and some other important information can also be get through the images given by the embryoscope. In the end, the right and best embryo can be selected for the further process of IVF, all with the help of embryoscope.  

Which patients will benefit from Embryoscope?

benefit from Embryoscope
  • The patients undergoing an assisted reproduction treatment
  • The ones with more than one embryo as it improves the chances of results
  • The patients who produce multiple abnormally developing embryos
  • The patients who are under a big stress of not conceiving for a long time
  • The ones who wants to improve the timing of pregnancy

With the day to day achievement in the medical fields, it has also been the great responsibility of the researchers to search for the new and advanced IVF technology for the couples who dream about the parenthood. Therefore, embryoscope is prepared and bought up, it is exactly for the couples who have lost the hopes. Now, conceiving is very successive with the accuracy of embryoscope and more IVF achievement can also be expected in the future with its introduction.

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