Exercise Assures a Healthy and Normal Delivery

Exercise Assures a Healthy and Normal Delivery


                 'A baby fills a special place in your heart that you knew that would never be empty.'

Pregnancy is a blessing for every woman, but delivering a baby can be awkwardly painful. It is true when labor pain arises.

Labor Pain Is Caused By-

  • The contraction of uterus muscles
  • Pressure on cervix & bladder
  • Stretching of the birth canal
  • Abdominal, back, and groin cramps.

It resembles just like menstrual or diarrheal cramps, only a hundred times more intense!

And no matter how mentally prepared you are from the initial time when you are in labor all you want to do is to get it over with.

And that's why most women prefer C-section instead of a normal delivery.

But There Is An Obstacle Too

C-section has side effects that last for a lifetime such as-

  • If the anesthesia is not administered correctly you might suffer a loss of bladder control, backache, itchy skin, and unfortunately the nerve damage also.
  • Moreover, the C-section scar can also cause depression in you which may hamper your self-confidence.

So, we recommend that you give normal delivery a try for sure and opt for the C section only as a last resort.

Why not spend a few minutes every day on workouts?

In this article, there are some exercises patterns mentioned which will lead a normal delivery with minimum pain. Let's get started-

1. Opening the Hips

Your buttocks can be crucial during delivery. This exercise will help to release all the stress from the pelvis, thus facilitating a natural delivery with minimum pain.

2. Pelvic Tilts

This exercise strengthens your back-portion and helps in labor when back muscles need to work a lot.

3. Squats

Taking this classic toilet position will loosen your pelvic muscles which lead to lower delivery pains.

Sound funny? But, this really works as your thighs and pelvic area will get good pressure with squats.

4. Kegels

Much has been said about these amazing pelvic exercises which are not just good during pregnancy but are good for almost every woman to release the stress of lower portion.

5. Downward Facing Dog

This exercise can be practiced safely in all stages of a healthy pregnancy. Holding the forward leaning position can be beneficial to hold the baby into an optimal birthing position.

6. Pregnancy Yoga

Performing yoga during pregnancy is a dual blessing for every woman. Apart from strengthening your core muscles for delivery, Yoga also provides ones mental nourishment.

7. Cobbler Pose

It is an excellent way to make vaginal area flexible. When labor comes, the pelvic muscles will be strained, and a flexible opening can assist the baby to pass through the birth canal with ease with minimum pain.

8. Walking

Walking is such a simple thing to do and has the most amazing benefits for a normal delivery. Walking helps with pregnancy accompaniments like constipation, high blood pressure, and also helps to avoid gaining fat at odd body parts.

9. Breathing Exercises

Breathing is crucial during pregnancy as your body needs adequate oxygen for the baby to develop and your body to function properly. Breathing exercises like deep breathing will help you calm and relax which surely well for your delivery.

Though all the above exercises are quite safe during pregnancy, yet we urge you to seek your doctor's advice before starting!

Benefits of Exercise during Pregnancy!!

There are numerous advantages lies behind this-

  • It prevents you from gaining weight.
  • It will prepare you for normal delivery.
  • It will help reduce labor pain.
  • It will keep your baby healthy.
  • It will improve circulation and keep your heart rate steady.
  • It will increase flexibility and strength of your body.

Tips to Make Note of During Exercise!!

  • You should do exercise on a flat surface to avoid falling.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Wear comfortable and loose clothes.
  • Wear comfortable shoes which are recommended for pregnant women.
  • Avoid exercise right after having a meal.

Who Should Not Exercise While Pregnant?

  • If you suffer from hypertension, asthma, heart disease, etc.
  • If you notice vaginal bleeding.
  • Feel fatigued quickly.
  • If you have a history of miscarriage or preterm delivery.

Make Your Pregnancy Easier

Pregnancy exercises will increase the chances of a normal delivery by reducing the labor time and pain. Just keep above-mentioned points in your mind and talk to your doctor before doing pregnancy exercises.

It's best to do under the supervision of an expert team. Take care!

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