Everything on Getting Ready For the IVF Treatment

Everything on Getting Ready For the IVF Treatment


Challenges and obstacles always come to our life in different ways. Every time we need to be strong enough to face those problems instead of staying away from those problems. Always remember that failures are those who quit trying. IVF treatment is a revolution in medical history that creates a huge difference in peoples lives in terms of giving them the chance to feel the importance of parenthood.

IVF stands for In Vitro Fertilization which an advanced reproductive technology that works with the help of medication and surgical procedure to come out with the process of embryo development. IVF brings a smile in the face of so many people who dreamt of becoming parents. But before going for such treatment you need to get prepare for it. Infertility specialist in Siliguri will help you to gain more knowledge about the treatment. But before that, you must get ready for the positive changes in your life.

Preparations before IVF Treatment

Quit Smoking and Drinking



To achieve something good one need to sacrifice at the first step. Controlling yourself from those bad habits is essential for finding positive results. Researches and studies reveal that consumption of alcohol during the IVF cycle reduces its chances by 50%. Whereas smoking is very much harmful during the cycle as nicotine is ten times more concentrated in the uterine fluid in comparison to the rest of your body.

This guideline is applicable for both man and woman as smoking and excessive alcohol consumption is bad for sperm production. Both the partners need to be conscious about such issues and help each other to make the process possible. There is always a chance to get the best results for which is a good preparation is required.

Take Vitamins regularly



The body must work according to the need and that makes it important for both the partner to maintain the diet along with the right amount of vitamins into the body. The diet you are following might be lacking behind essential vitamins. Vitamins and nutrients help the cells to grow faster. The egg is the largest cell in a womans body and taking the right amount of vitamins will improve the egg to get mature and ready for fertilization. The body needs time for improvement and cellular growth so one must be conscious about starting the vitamins before six months of the treatment. Never trust any suggestion blindly, talked with Infertility specialist in Siliguri if required. The right amount of vitamins and nutrition helps you to become capable of conceiving.  

Maintain the body weight


There is no need to hit the gym as hard exercising might give you internal injury which is not acceptable for a woman at this stage. But overweight and increase in fats reduce the chances of conceiving according to the experts. Even underweight also cause a problem during treatment as a weaker body fails to make estrogen and reduces the chances of pregnancy. So, it is important to do healthy exercises by taking nutritional foods after consulting with the doctor. A balanced diet and proper exercise will reduce your fats and improve body function as well. Maintaining body weight is really helpful for getting things in a proper manner. Do yoga and freehand exercises to keep the body healthy and eligible for IVF treatment.

Eat healthy food that enhances fertility



Each of your activity is responsible for getting the best results and eating food is really important in terms of improving the chances of conceiving. Foods that promote gametes are essential to get you in the right place without losing any hope. Royal jelly, eggs, fish roe, caviar, seeds, nuts, pollen, seaweed, algae, bone marrow, oysters, artichokes, raw milk, nettles, oats, flax seeds, goji berries, and sprouts are some of the important food that must be welcome in your dining table. Try to eat whole grains, fresh organic and seasonal food to improve the body structure before going for the treatment.

Improve Sleep


The most common problem of this generation is that they sleep late at night and wake up too late in the morning. Maintaining your sleep will keep you healthy and prepared for IVF treatment. Lack of sleep is unhealthy and causes so many other problems in the body. Infertility specialist in Siliguri gives you the chart that will definitely help in keeping the body healthy. Proper sleep also helps in improving your mood. Try to avoid watching late night TV shows and keep the electronic gadgets away from you during the night. Using mobile at night will cause serious consequences in your brain and keeps you worried all the time. You must maintain sleep by completing the tasks early. Researches prove that woman needs to sleep more sleep in comparison to a man.

Stay away from stress



It is not so easy to delete stress and fatigues from your life but you can try doing it. Try to keep yourself happy by reading good books, listening to soft music and talking with your dear ones. Sudden changes in your life might make you feel uncomfortable so you need not worry about anything extra. Just do what you like to do, think what your mind appeals but remember the basic requirement of the body and never welcome any unhealthy practices that are harmful to the body. Keep yourself comfortable and stay relaxed for a better future.

Preparation for the treatment is not like preparing for any battle. Keep the things as simple as you want and go for regular checkups by taking suggestions from Infertility specialist in Siliguri and stay positive for the end result.

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