How to Increase Your Chances of Successful IVF

How to Increase Your Chances of Successful IVF


Infertility is one of the most common health conditions that prevent couples from conceiving. However, the introduction of IVF has become a ray of hope for infertile couples to achieve successful pregnancies with advanced technology.  Consulting with some of the best infertility doctors in Siliguri can help you get the best infertility treatment with IVF.

Even though IVF is considered one of the best forms of infertility treatment it does come with a risk of failure that creates a huge confusion among couples. However, there are various proven methods and ways that can help to increase your chances of success with IVF. This blog will discuss some of the most effective ways that if followed properly can help you to achieve your dream of successful parenthood with IVF.

Overview of IVF

In-vitro fertilisation or IVF is an advanced technology that involves fertilizing the eggs and the sperm with the help of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART). This helps to develop a healthy embryo in a lab which is then implanted to the uterus to achieve a successful pregnancy. Although it is the best form of infertility treatment it does not guarantee the success for which the patient might need to undergo numerous cycles.

IVF is one of the most advanced forms of infertility treatment and therefore quality of the treatment can highly impact the success of the treatment. However, a healthy body is as necessary as the quality of treatment. Flowing are some of the common ways that can help you increase your chances of IVF success.

Follow Healthy Weight

Following a healthy weight is one of the most important ways to increase the chances of successful IVF treatment. Although there is no exact proof that weight can affect fertility health, following a healthy weight can help to reduce the risk of complications related to pregnancy. Miscarriages and clinical pregnancy are some of the most common cases in IVF and maintaining a healthy weight may help to have a successful pregnancy with IVF.

Eat Healthy Diet

Eating a balanced diet with a proper portion of nutrition is also known to have a positive impact on the outcome of the IVF treatment. During pregnancy, your body needs high amount of calories and fulfilling it with a balanced diet can help to promote better health development of mother and the baby. You may also consult with the reputed infertility doctor in Siliguri who can help with nutritional guidance during IVF treatment. It has been seen that women with better eating habits have 65% greater chances of achieving a successful pregnancy.

Reduce Stress

Excess amount of stress releases cortisol hormones which may create changes in the hormonal balance of the body resulting in a higher risk of pregnancy complications. Although the treatment of IVF is stressful and full of anxiety, trying to manage the stress levels can help towards better success rates of IVF treatment.

Get Adequate Sleep

According to various studies, the rate of clinical pregnancy is higher among women who have poor sleeping habits. During the IVF treatment, your body goes through various sorts of physical and psychological changes and proper rest ensures proper healing of your body. Following a healthy sleeping pattern not only helps in better success rates but also gives more energy to your body allowing you to do your regular activities more efficiently.

Do Regular Exercise

Exercise is generally advised by the infertility doctor in Siliguri to maintain a healthy weight and reduce the risk of pregnancy complications. Performing regular exercise also helps to make your body ready for pregnancy while increasing the chances of success rates of IVF.

Reduce Alcohol Intake

Reducing the consumption of alcohol may increase better implantations that result in achieving better pregnancy. Although a glass of beer will not affect your success rates, consumption of alcohol on a regular basis may have an adverse effect on your pregnancy health. Excess consumption of alcohol is also associated with fetal alcohol syndrome.

Avoid Smoking

Smoking or consumption of tobacco is another major factor that can affect the chances of your IVF success. Chemicals present in cigarettes and tobacco are known to have affected the IVF cycles along with preventing from proper development of the fetus in the womb.

Regular Consultation with A Doctor

IVF treatment is a long process which includes several steps for which consultation with an infertility doctor on a regular basis is a must. Your doctor might also help you by guiding you through various steps along with lifestyle changes you need to do as per the regular changes in your body. They also guide you throughout the treatment with motivation and providing emotional support.

IVF may be a stressful time which can be overcome with proper support and guidance from your friends and family. You might also consider consulting with the best infertility doctors in Siliguri, who can help you with proper guidance and effective treatments throughout your treatment.

Even though the phase of IVF treatment can be challenging and stressful, there are multiple ways that can help to increase your chances of successful pregnancy. Following a proper lifestyle and taking proper care of you is necessary which ensures better outcomes of the IVF treatment.

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