Assisted Reproductive Technologies

Assisted Reproductive Technologies


Assisted reproductive technology (ART) is a type of fertility treatment that has the capability of handling both womans egg and mans sperm for a successful reproduction process. ART is also regarded as one of the main treatment procedure highly used and recommended by the infertility specialist in Siliguri as well. This process helps in removing the eggs from the womans body and then those eggs are mixed with the sperm for the preparation of embryos. The embryos that has the high potential of bringing the pregnancy are inserted back into the womans uterus for the fertilization process.

The journey towards a new life

The journey of fertility is truly the journey of a new life. People get to accomplish their dreams with the infertility treatment and ART is a massive part of it. The infertility situation can be the biggest nightmare for the couple but whenever there are the medical issues that specialists and doctors always come up with the solution and assisted reproductive technology fulfils those criteria.

ART erases and fades out the darker side of infertility and brightens the beliefs and hopes of the couple with the possibility of pregnancy. Over the years ART has proven out to be a very effective weapon to deal with the infertility condition and in vitro fertilization (IVF) has always been the part of its major success story. The following benefits highlight the massive impact made by ART with the formation of IVF for infertile couples.

  • Worked when other fertility treatments have failed to give the results
  • Applicable to everyone
  • Use of donated eggs and sperm when needed
  • The advantage over time to proceed for the procedure
  • Increment in the chance of having a healthy baby
  • The decrease in the chances of pregnancy

The best thing about the procedure of ART is the use of donor eggs and donor sperm when needed. Specific donors are selected with all confirmation and the donated eggs or sperm is used to create pregnancy for the needy patients. Further, the inclusion of the embryo freezing and use of it makes it more special than other infertility treatment. All the specialists work on their respective treatments and tests procedure with the common aim of bringing the successful fertilization.

In Siliguri, the brilliance of ART has given immense successful results which is proven by the infertility specialist in Siliguri who used it and believes that more fertility achievements can be expected in the future with the introduction of new technologies.

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