How Genetics Can Impact Your Fertility

How Genetics Can Impact Your Fertility


The fertility rates will depend on whether women will wait longer to have kids or not. Sometimes it also depends on the choice of education and careers instead. These are all the situation based factors. However, genetic factors have always been known to impact fertility. As per the approximate estimation, half of the infertility condition happens because of the genetic issues. Your family history can play a very big role in terms of the impact on your fertility health. The infertility specialist in Siliguri aware people to take the genetics on a serious note. The searching works are still in progress to see how genetics affect fertility problems. However, several important things regarding this thing have also been discovered already.

Table of Contents

  • Fertility experts views on genetic conditions and their impact
  • Chromosomal abnormalities
  • Impact on quality and quantity of sperm
  • Endometriosis and fibroids
  • Conclusion

Fertility experts views on genetic conditions and their impact

Chromosomal abnormalities

Starting with chromosomal deletions in which chromosome gets to be missing involves changes in DNA. This problem can turn out to be a harsh reality if it leads to infertility problem. The genetic disorders come from the parents so, the chromosomal abnormalities can also be passed.

The infertility specialist in Siliguri takes this condition as the main thing related to genetics. If the chromosome is irregular then, eventually the embryos could miss out the genetic information. Then, this exact thing can result in a miscarriage or any other reproductive concern. These abnormalities can occur in fetus passed down from generations randomly.

Impact on quality and quantity of sperm

The fertility experts have explained that genetic disorder has got a role in the deterioration of quality and quantity of sperm. It is male factor infertility which seems to have a deep family connection. As per the infertility specialist in Siliguri, the genetics might only give a mild impact on sperm production. However, it is also believed that the same mild can turn out to be a severe impact.

Endometriosis and fibroids

Endometriosis is a painful inflammatory condition. When endometriosis occurs, the uterus will grow outside the womb. There have been many cases of endometriosis which is the result of genetics. Fibroids is another condition which the infertility specialist in Siliguri has linked with genetics. During this, a small tumor grows inside the uterine cavity that prevents embryos from attaching.

The researchers are hoping to identify and understand the genetic patterns with the ones who experience infertility. In this way, the likes of infertility specialist in Siliguri can improve, diagnose and treat each condition.

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