Cause of Infertility


We are at the phase of time when it is extremely necessary to understand the complexity of a fertile womb. However, INFERTILITY is still considered a subject of taboo, especially in many developing and underdeveloped countries.


Instead of expressing it differently, we should be able to accept that it is no different from any other existing medical conditions. Just like you undergo treatment during the phase of illness, fertility can also be treated with the help of proper medications and care.


Before jumping into the causes, let’s have a definite frame of mind on the topic.

Infertility is a situation when you are not being able to conceive even though you are trying to. When you are not getting pregnant after a few attempts for almost a year, then there is a possible chance of infertility. But, it can only be validated by a specialist, thus you need to consult one.

Cause of Infertility

Multiple factors are accountable for infertility, assuming things and farsightedness won’t work. For instance, if someone is dealing with infertility, assuming or making them believe that it is a congenital disorder is not an ultimatum. Sometimes it's attributed to outside factors as well.  

Here are a couple of prominent scenarios which increase the probabilities of infertility in women.


• Ovulation Disorder

When ovulation doesn’t happen, it's dubbed as Ovulation disorder. In ovulation disorder, the discharge of eggs gets impacted. It affects only women that suffer from thyroid conditions like Hyperthyroidism and Hypothyroid. The chances may develop due to the hormonal disorders like PCOS (polycystic ovaries syndrome).


• Uterine Abnormality

This is a common reason for Infertility amongst women. The uterine walls are supporting the pregnancy. But this is not the case when a lady features a uterine abnormality. In uterine abnormality, the cervix and shape of the uterus obstruct ovulation and fertilization. This makes it hard for sperm to pass and fertilize eggs resulting in infertility.


• Fallopian Blockage

The Fallopian tube is important to determine the success of any pregnancy. Any sudden inflammation within the Fallopian tube caused by the Pelvic disease can cause infertility amongst women.


• Age

The age at which you conceive is yet one more factor. It’s difficult to conceive after the age of 32 as the female body makes fewer eggs, hence escalating the probabilities of infertility.


• Premature Menopause

This is a really rare scenario when menopause happens at the age of 40, there is a chance that it could affect the ovaries and egg production.


• Undergoing Cancer Treatment

Cancer takes a toll on your reproductive health. Most cancer treatments include radiation and chemotherapy. It results in infertility making it difficult to determine pregnancy.


Doing Exercises

It is an unknown fact but still, a fact has been developed saying that over-exercising also causes infertility. It’s not exactly clear how it's attributed but it's emerged as an element within the latest research.

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