How to cope up with failure of first IVF cycle?

How to cope up with failure of first IVF cycle?


If you are the one struggling to handle the pressure of failed the cycle then, just relax because there is a whole world waiting for you with open arms. You dont need to be on stress and blame yourself for the result. However, you shouldnt give up, try another cycle just dont lose hope. Seeing the white test stick after completing the full of this cycle disappoint everyone but, the patient should still take help from the IVF expert and find the solution to improve the ongoing situation.

All your dream of having a smiling family might crash down with the failure of the IVF cycle this is why you need to believe in yourself and hope for the best every time. In todays world infertility has become a major problem and most of them struggle to handle the situation in the correct way. But if you fail even after taking the help of the IVF expert and going through the procedure of IVF that might be the sad moment. Therefore, various thing needs to be kept in mind after the failure of the cycle, you must build confidence to try another cycle and keep on consulting with the experts.

Reasons Behind The Failure Of IVF Cycle

Each and every step of IVF procedure has to tackle the failure because if the treatment doesnt respond according to the normal way, a failure may occur. The issue of the important variable involved in the successful cycle impacts the chance of pregnancy with IVF. There are various reasons behind the cycle failure and some of the most common and major ones are as follows

  • Abnormal Egg
  • Sperm Abnormalities
  • Failure in implantation
  • Not producing enough number of eggs
  • Issue during egg retrieval

Best Way To Cope-Up During Failed IVF Cycle

Dont Blame Yourself

You cannot blame yourself for the failure because you will always give your best effort for the treatment to be successful. You need to think twice Did I do the best that I can and the answer that you will get will be Yes. You must think that embryo transfer is the last stage that you have taken part and the experts might have given their best effort to select the healthiest embryo. This is one of the best ways to tackle the guilty feeling inside you after the failure of the cycle as positivity is always the best.

Dont Tell Everyone

If the IVF cycle fails, you dont need to tell everyone about it because when you tell large people about it, you may get lots of discouragement comments. Always be selective to give the information about the IVF cycle, tell the one who you fully trust, it is not necessary to share the result with everyone. Even if you have told many people about taking the cycle, ignore telling the result if it gets failed. It is always good to limit it among family and close friends.

Consider Making a Plan

Always give yourself an option either to go for another IVF cycle or not. You must make a plan during this situation to continue the journey of this cycle. You can also search for another IVF hospitals if you dont want to go for another cycle at the previous hospital. You should consult with your partner for trying another phase of the cycle. Dont panic just think and sort out the things with good strategy because your strategy can help you beat infertility.

Talk With The One With Similar Experience

If you feel alone and worried just talk with the people who had a similar experience. Your conversation with them will build confidence inside you to settle nicely in the ongoing situation. Same like you they might also have faced the problem therefore, it would best for you to have a talk with such people. They will give you several ideas for the future and also tell there experience with the help of which you can learn a lot about coping up with failed cycle.

Better Heal Yourself

You need the find to get away from the depression of failed cycle, just heal yourself and hope for the best in the future. Yes, it might be difficult for you to forget but you must find yourself out of it. It can take weeks or months for you to come back in your normal life but consider taking that option because you are the one can heal yourself slowly and effectively. In the early days, it might be difficult and the thought can still emerge but you will get back to your best after a period of time.

Yes, the failed IVF cycle might panic you and make you think what now? but the best solution to tackle this condition is hidden inside you, you need to find that solution. Your will power and healing ability are best for you, apart from this you can also consult regularly with the IVF consultants and experts. Infertility is a big problem and parenthood might only be the dream but dont forget IVF creates a miracle and can also provide you with the biggest gift.

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