Why Do Infertility Patients Need To Take Birth Control Pills?

Why Do Infertility Patients Need To Take Birth Control Pills?


In many cases, the first step in the IVF process is to take birth control pills. This may surprise some people as it sounds to be counter-productive to your goal of getting pregnant. But, there are many reasons why they are used and yes it works! Many IVF doctors in Siliguri commence an IVF treatment by recommending low doses of birth control pills.

Table of contents:

  1. Birth Control Pills and Ovulation
  2. Type of Birth Control Pills Used in IVF
  3. How Birth Control Fits Into the IVF Cycle

Birth Control Pills and Ovulation

Normally, in a single menstrual cycle multiple follicles begin to grow, but only one reaches maturity. This particular follicle becomes dominant and grows faster than the others who stop progressing. The goal of an IVF cycle is to have as many mature follicles as possible. Thus, to achieve this goal, birth control pills are used before ovarian stimulation medications as all follicles are more likely to grow at a similar rate in this manner.

This in turn leads to a greater number of follicles being mature at the same time, and therefore increases the number of eggs that are harvested.

Using birth control also helps the fertility clinics effectively schedule egg harvests. This makes sure that there is always a sufficient number of staff available if they are required

Lastly, birth control pills can also decrease the chances of development of cysts prior to starting the stimulation medications. When cysts are present, sometimes the fluid needs to be drained from them causing a delay in your cycle.

Type of Birth Control Pills Used in IVF

Not just any kind of birth control pill can be used in IVF. Birth control pills vary with the amount of hormones that is delivered to your body with each pill. For the purposes of an IVF cycle, IVF doctors in Siliguri recommend a monophasic type of pill which contains the same amount of hormones in every active pill. Therefore, a consistent level of these hormones is maintained inside the body.

How Birth Control Fits Into the IVF Cycle

For most IVF cycles, you must be on birth control for a minimum of 10 days before starting the next medication. In most cases you will take it for about 21 days, but sometimes it can go up to 42 days.  You should start taking the birth control pill no later than day 5 of your menstrual cycle.  Take one pill in the evening or morning; just make sure you stick to a consistent schedule.

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