Fertility Resolutions For 2021- Resolve To Make A Change

Fertility Resolutions For 2021- Resolve To Make A Change


Your only wish for the New Year may be to start a family. Take this opportunity to start the year with a clean slate, to sit back and evaluate your goals and how to achieve them. Having a baby is a big deal and there are certain changes that must be made in your lifestyle. These changes will have a positive impact on your health and also increase the odds of you having a baby. IVF doctors in Cooch Behar do a wonderful job of explaining it to you during a consultation.

Table of contents:

  1. Quit Smoking
  2. Maintain a Healthy Diet
  3. Avoid Alcohol
  4. Get Active
  5. Relax

If conceiving a child is one of your goals in 2021, here are a few resolutions that may help.

Quit Smoking 

Smoking is harmful for the general well being of your health and especially damages your reproductive health. The use of tobacco ages the ovaries and considerably lowers the amount of viable eggs in your body.

Maintain a Healthy Diet

Eating foods that are enriched with vitamins and nutrients like folic acid is a must during pregnancy, but it's also important to keep your body healthy and nourished while trying for a baby as well. Fresh foods like fruits and vegetables contribute to your physical health, which in turn helps to maximize your chances of getting pregnant. 

Avoid Alcohol

Cutting out alcohol is just another aspect of a healthy diet. Your liver not only gets rid of the toxins in your body, but it also plays an important role in maintaining the hormonal balance.

It's important to make sure your hormones are normal and regulated while trying to conceive because hormone dysfunction lowers your odds of conceiving heavily. Excessive alcohol use is damaging to your liver and can lead to problems with ovulation and can even result in infertility.

Get Active

While exercising more may be a part of your resolution every year. This year try to follow through with it with a newfound zest. Maintaining a healthy weight is one of the crucial things to maintaining healthy, normal ovulation, and regular hormone production. It also helps you feel good and get a positive outlook on life. IVF doctors in Cooch Behar recommend exercising everyday in moderation as it works best while trying to conceive.


Stress can diminish the functions of multiple systems in the body, including reproductive health. While the inability to have a baby can be one of the causes of your stress, it's important to take some time off each day to just relax. Yoga, meditation, and even naps are all great stress relievers and aid in improving your fertility.

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