Newer Indications For In-Vitro-Fertilization

Newer Indications For In-Vitro-Fertilization


IVF can only be judged as a blessing for couples who had long waited to be parents. This procedure is extremely complicated but has provided exceptional results throughout many years. But with the wide popularity of this procedure has also brought in newer details and symptoms that require further studies. There are many IVF doctors in Malda that can counter all those indications with proper medical support.

     This article provides all the necessary information regarding the newer indications for IVF along with a small description of where you can find the best IVF doctors in Malda.

Table of Content:

1. Common Indications

2. Newer Indications

3. New Life Fertility Centre

4. Conclusion

Common Indications

1. Defects in sperms

This is totally a male where the sperm is of low quality or there is a low count of sperm that find it difficult to propel itself towards the egg for the fertilization to begin. So an intracytoplasmic sperm injection is provided to initiate the process.

2. Blocked fallopian Tubes

The major reason for the blocked fallopian tube is a tubal disease and in IVF it is countered with hydrosalpinx to increase the success rates.

3. Ovarian diseases

IVF is considered the best method for patients who are suffering from any kind of ovarian defects.

4. Unknown fertility

There might be reasons that both the partners are healthy but still unable to conceive. For that reason, IVF is worth the try before going for inexpensive treatment.

Newer Indications

For the process to be successful a healthy sperm, a healthy egg and a uterus with a proper holding capability are required.

To achieve newer methodologies are introduced in the IVF process

Preimplantation Genetic Screening

For years it was difficult to select a proper embryo. But now with the screening method parents will be able to decide what type of child they want to bear. The factors will are truly personal and may be dependent on various circumstances.


There have been aspects when a patient suffering from a dreaded disease does not want to get its eggs destroyed. IVF gives them the perfect opportunity to freeze the eggs and come for the time when they are absolutely ready.


This is the most generous thing that IVF promotes. A person can easily donate some of its eggs and that later can be used by patients who have damaged or no eggs. There might some compensation for the donor later on.


This method is very prevalent and is used by many couples where they entrust a person to bear their baby.

New Life Fertility Centre

The clinic has the best team of IVF doctors in Malda that are highly experienced and equipped with all the professional knowledge to carry out this complicated procedure.


IVF is an evolving field that is solving the problem of new indications with proper study and research.

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