Fertility Nursing Framework

Fertility Nursing Framework


The great initiative is taken over the fertility nursing by the educational academy to give an opportunity for enabling the progression of an ongoing project to develop the training and educational framework for nursing. Such initiative is taken by IVF in North Bengal to overcome with the need and preference of the utility that support publication costs and workshop attendance along with the support towards higher education institution developed as part of the strategic planning with effective development in career framework for fertility nurses.

It becomes important for developing specialist competences or identifying the educational training needs of the specialist nurses that deal with the fertility services for improving the performance in dealing with the treatment measures and guidelines initiated by the medical team. IVF in North Bengal gives more priorities to specialist nurse and midwives working in the mission of fertility services that constantly identify the need and importance of framework through the recognized education and training. The expert team comes out with the best way to develop the framework with the principle of advanced nursing practice with the best educational needs in relation to effective training and program.

A training and education framework for fertility nursing

The training and educational framework is required for fertility nursing to link their professional skills with the mastery of scientific knowledge in the improvement of environmental health. The concept of designing the framework is essential to reform the educational process for health professionals. Health and welfare of the individuals, families and communities are increasingly integrated with the knowledge of prevention and improvement in environmental health.

The principal intention of the team is to develop a framework with the aim of enhancing the knowledge and skill required for the best practice of fertility nursing. The strategy and dissemination include fertility services that manage the key role of the nurses followed by managers, commissioners and practice educators. IVF in North Bengal develop educational programs to meet the needs of fertility nursing that contributed positively to the development of the framework.

Professional nursing education includes many factors of medical science where health promotion, disease promotion. Health protection, risk reduction and other practices are required for the scope and depth of such concepts that are most consistent among the nursing programs. The traditional approach of nursing education associated with degree, diploma and baccalaureate nursing programs that improve the individual situations with the effective intervention towards fertility nursing.

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