Optimize Your Chances Of IVF Success

Optimize Your Chances Of IVF Success


The in-vitro fertilization (IVF) cycle is the main thing upon which all the patient relies on. The embryo transfer process which is conducted at IVF centre of Siliguri has its own reaction depending on the infertility condition. The journey of the IVF in Siliguri can be emotionally draining and challenging for couples. However, if there is the support of best fertility experts and you are optimizing the success chances then, it will make a difference.

Table of Contents:

  • What do you need to do to optimize your chances of IVF success?
  • Maintaining a healthy weight
  • Changing lifestyle
  • Finding the right specialist
  • Choosing the right treatment
  • Considering genetic testing
  • Paying attention to the health supplements
  • Conclusion

What do you need to do to optimize your chances of IVF success?


Maintaining a healthy weight

Various research and experiments have proved that being underweight and overweight can cause infertility. So, you better maintain your healthy weight in the most appropriate way. Do the exercise that is recommended to you and also focus on your diets as well for normal BMI.

Changing lifestyle

According to the expert team of IVF in Siliguri, the patient's lifestyle can really influence the IVF cycle. Avoid consumption habits such as smoking and alcohol drinking. Eat healthy foods, reduce the intake of junk foods and maintain the daily exercise schedule as well for fitness.

Finding the right specialist

Picking up the right fertility specialist is also another decision that you have to make. Take this step seriously because a large part of IVF success remains in this part. You have to choose the expert who has got enough experience and reputation in that medical field.

Choosing the right treatment

There are various fertility treatments but youve got to choose the one that is applicable to you. Listen to the advice given by your fertility expert. Make sure to enquire about the procedure, cost and success rate of the technique before making the decision.

Considering genetic testing

Consider genetic testing to determine if the embryos are genetically normal. The IVF in Siliguri also normally takes place with pre-implementation genetic testing. It is recommended to you because it will help in identifying any available embryos with genetic abnormalities.

Paying attention to the health supplements

If youre taking the multi-vitamins then talk about it with your physician and IVF expert. Looking at the current scenario, the expert may determine what supplements you can take and what not. The inclusion of iron, folate and calcium in the health supplements can influence the success rate of IVF.

The IVF treatment is not a one-day success story. You have to trust the process and build-up for IVF in Siliguri. Fully believe in the experts advice, treatments and be more patient, the success that you deserve will surely come in your way.

Note: Newlife Fertility Centre at Siliguri provides the most significant fertility treatments to the needful patients. But patients also do have to remember to follow the advice, stick with the healthy diet and lifestyle for better result.

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