What Percent of IVF is Successful?

What Percent of IVF is Successful?


Are you considering IVF or In Vitro Fertilization for the first time? Given the high cost of IVF, you might be wondering that what are the chances of having a successful pregnancy can be. There is good news that IVF is generally successful, especially for women under the age of 35 and those using donor eggs.

Usual success rates of IVF

The success rate of IVF is reported according to a womans age, like

  • Women younger than 35, the success rate is 54%
  • Women ages from 35 to 37, the success rate is 42%
  • Women from 38 to 40, the success rate is 26%
  • Women from 41 to 42, the success rate is 13%
  • Women from 43 and above, the success rate is 3.9%




IVF success rate




Now, the IVF success rate using donor eggs

As you can see, the IVF success rate goes down after age 40, most women use donor eggs after this age.

  • With fresh embryos, the percent is 53.5%
  • With frozen embryos, the percent is 38.5%

One cycle vs. Multiple Cycles

Something very important to realize is the statistics above are for one egg retrieval. So, your odds of success increase if you do more than one IVF cycle. According to a study, a woman who has conceived with IVF went through 2.7 cycles on an average. So practically, to improve your odds you should try at least three IVF cycles.

Having personal odds of success for IVF

Along with the above reason mentioned, there are few other factors that can decrease the IVF success rate.

It includes:

  • Your age
  • Infertility reasons
  • Donor eggs

Competency of IVF Clinic

At some point in time, the center you choose might also greatly affect your IVF success rate. Factors you must enquire about:

  • Training and experience of the clinic or staff
  • Live birth rates of IVF cycle
  • Patients pregnant with twins or triplets
  • Laboratory and qualification of the staffs

Keep a mark on this -

All these factors should be taken into consideration before you decide for IVF treatment. A healthy life will lead to a healthy family!

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