Why IVF Is More Successful Than Other Assisted Reproductive Treatments?

Why IVF Is More Successful Than Other Assisted Reproductive Treatments?


There are many forms of assisted reproductive treatment present in the medical sciences that almost ensure patients of desired results. These processes are IUI, IVF, and ICSI but among these the most famous and demandable of them all is the IVF procedure. There are many reasons why IVF is the prime choice among the others processes and everything will be covered in this article.

What is IVF? How it is performed?

IVF stands for In-Vitro-Fertilization process that plants externally prepared embryo into the patient for further development. This process includes many phases and each phase is carefully monitored in order to avoid any form of mistake. This is mainly because any kind of mistake in a single phase will result in the overall failure of the process.

   In this procedure, eggs are collected from one patient and sperm from the other. After the collection process, they are properly washed. After the washing phase, both the sperm and the eggs are mixed and fertilized in a Petri dish. After reaching the required fertilization, the embryo is formed and that embryo is then collected and transferred into the patient's uterus. The process is termed successful if the embryo sticks on the wall of the uterus and starts developing into a foetus. In this process, multiple embryos can also be formed. In that situation only the best quality embryo is selected and planted but if there are more of good quality. They are preserved and used for future purposes. 

Why IVF is more popular than the other processes?

There are numerous reasons why IVF is so popular than the other processes-

1. More egg follicles

Before or during the IVF procedure, the female patient is provided with some drugs that enhance their hormone level and help them to discharge multiple eggs. So more the eggs greater is the chance of obtaining a perfect embryo.

2. Less sperm is required

Since, in the IVF procedure the embryo is created in an external environment. Therefore the sperm can easily be extracted from the semen and use in the fertilization process. If the process advocated careful selection, then fewer amounts of sperm are required.

3. Success rate

 IVF has the best success rate when it comes in comparison to other fertility procedures. It has a global success rate of around 40 percent.  It has also provided desired results even if the patient was suffering from endometriosis and PCOS.

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