Low Sperm Count Issues? Boost your Fertility With These Tips Effectively

Low Sperm Count Issues? Boost your Fertility With These Tips Effectively


Many couples experience fertility problems and its common to possess issues associated with it. In the present day, infertility is becoming more common. Both men and ladies should lead a healthy lifestyle so as to avoid any problems like infertility. Talking about male fertility, there are a couple of things that men can do to extend the probabilities of conceiving. You can boost your fertility by eating healthy, adding supplements and making simple lifestyle moderations.

Tips to improve sperm count and improve fertility

Exercise regularly

You may already know that exercise is useful for general health. However, were aware that it also can boost your testosterone levels and improve fertility. Men who exercise daily have better semen quality and better testosterone levels than inactive men. You must not indulge in excessive exercise, because this will have a negative impact, resulting in reduction of testosterone levels. If you have time management problems, you can try increasing your other physical activities.

Get enough vitamin C

The ability of Vitamin C to boost the system isnt very well known. But, did you know that vitamin C and other antioxidant supplements can improve fertility as well? The intake of vitamin C supplements can enhance your sperm count and motility. It also can reduce the number of deformed sperm cells. As per a couple of studies, vitamin C supplements can improve the standard of semen also.

Relax and reduce stress         

Stress can reduce your libido and have an adverse effect on your fertility. Stress and anxiety play a serious role in your sexual intercourse. You can seek professional help for severe or unknown anxiety, mild sorts of stress or reduce it using some relaxation methods. Controlling your stress levels are often as challenging and important as exercising a day, meditating, taking a enter nature or spending time with family and friends.

Infertility may be a common problem in both men and women. Talking about men, if youre having fertility issue improve your overall health. Theres no surety that your infertility has to be linked to your lifestyle but you cannot rule it out. If a deficiency of nutrients or low testosterone levels is contributing to infertility, then the lifestyle tips listed above can help. But, if your infertility problem is due to an underlying medical condition, then you would possibly require IVF or ICSI treatments.

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