Mini IVF Treatments - A Leap over the Hurdles of Infertility

Mini IVF Treatments - A Leap over the Hurdles of Infertility


If giving birth is difficult for you, we are here to make it easy. Being infertile is not a curse; its just a bodily disorder. It is just like other ailments of your body. So dont over think it or make it more difficult for you. We are surviving in the 21st century and here everything is possible, just leaving aside a few. So boost yourself up and focus on the agenda you are concerned on, that is, "Giving birth to your first baby."

Today here we are talking about mini IVF. Processes that take you a step forward in giving birth to your child. Families those who run short of time and do not want to undergo the long procedure of IVF, must undergo mini IVF. It takes lesser time and comes with lesser hurdles.

What is Mini IVF Treatment?

You might know about IVF, Mini IVF is similar to IVF with certain dissimilarities. It is a procedure of giving birth to babies through certain medical routines. IVF includes lots of processes, operations, and drugs. Whereas mini IVF consists of lesser procedures, operations, and drugs.

The initial procedures are the same as IVF. The egg is extracted from the mothers body; the sperm is infused into the egg. Kept in the laboratory for fertilization and developing into an embryo. Thereafter the embryo is infused in the mothers body to grow up into a beautiful baby.

The mini IVF treats with mild medicine having a lower dose so that less amount of eggs are produced. This process can also be followed without any kind of drugs for stimulating the ovary.

Why should you go for mini IVF?

You should go for a mini IVF because:


  • Lesser injections are used.
  • Best for patients of PCOS or OHSS.
  • Helpful for patients those who are going to undergo Cancer treatment.
  • If your ovarian reserve is low.
  • Mini IVF is comparing ably costlier than normal IVF.

The success rate of Mini IVF Treatment:

  • Based on some of the authentic studies, here are some of the success rates of Mini IVF:
  • 49% of the clients those who have undergone IVF have successfully conceived and given birth.
  • No one those who have undergone mini IVF have ever developed OHSS.
  • Very few gonadotropins are used in the processes of mini-IVF. Therefore, the cost of the complete cycle immediately comes down. 
  • According to the patients of OHSS must undergo mini IVF.

Tips before you undergo Mini IVF:

  • Do not plan sudden. Plan for 3 to 6 months before you want to undergo mini IVF.
  • Stop smoking or drinking.
  • Take the vitamins on time.
  • Consume foods that stimulate fertility.
  • Try being stress-free.
  • Enhance your sleep.

When should you go for mini IVF?

First, try for at least a year to give birth to babies naturally. If you turn out to be unsuccessful, then now is the time for you to consult a fertility doctor. Go for mini IVF because this process will take less time, include less complexity and will be less costly.

A leap from Infertility to Fertility:

Mini IVF will help you take a long leap from infertility to fertility. It will help your sadness disappear and restore your happiness.  Science is developing and its time you develop your thought process, take up mini IVF, and acquire the bliss you longed for.


Be gentle with yourself, you're doing the best

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