Newlife - Best Online Platform to Understand & Tackle Infertility

Newlife - Best Online Platform to Understand & Tackle Infertility


Male or Female

Infertility has turned out to be a common problem these days. For many young couples who are physically healthy, conception occurs within a few months of intercourse. However, age plays a big role in fertility which reduces the ability of reproduction each year. Lets know how to understand & tackle infertility issues.

There is a common misconception that infertility is just a womans issue. That is, many people think that if a couple cannot have a child, then the woman must be at fault.

But it is not at all like that. Infertility affects men and women equally. With 10-15% of couples dealing with infertility, you can see that men can also be infertile.

Understanding symptoms

There are many common fertility signs of both men and women where you can easily understand whether they are fertile or not. Our blogs and our website will surely give you that information. You can get the whole knowledge of infertility signs which will help you in dealing with your infertility issues carefully.

Be aware and in time

It is very important to clear out your infertility issues as soon as possible. We provide some of the best success stories as well as struggling stories about patients. This will help you tackle infertility treatment without repeating the same mistake.

How can we solve it?

Due to the modern lifestyle, both men and women are leading a completely different life. This can cause the issue of infertility. Though it cannot be solved completely but yes, it can be prevented. Here are some of the factors we provide you through our website to help you out.

Factors for men & women:

  • Age and fertility
  • Reducing caffeine
  • Maintaining weight and diet
  • Avoiding smoke
  • Workplace hazards


Battling infertility? Dont worry! We are here to provide you ways about how can you combat infertility and make smart decisions about your future. Do follow our blogs! It will help you to make understand & tackle infertility.

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