Questions to ask when youre considering Infertility Treatment

Questions to ask when youre considering Infertility Treatment


Infertility is a struggle which sometimes comes out as the biggest challenge for many couples.

Experts say that women under 35 must take help after a year of trying without any results. On the other hand, women over 35 must seek help after six months. However, after this, if you have taken the big step of taking infertility treatment, then you must ask a few questions before you consider IVF treatment to fulfill your dreams of parenthood as a couple.

Four good questions to ask

Do your research and look for the options available for you to have better medical help in becoming a parent.

1. Does the health insurance plan cover fertility treatments?

As we all know that maternity and newborn care are considered to be an essential benefit in every health plans, but infertility care is often not on the list. While some plans cover both, others cover limited. And some plan does not cover IVF at all. So, if you have choices then pick the one which will be beneficial to you.

2. Where to begin to discuss infertility treatment options?

Your first option would be a Gynea's chamber. They will give a few diagnostic tests to measure your hormone levels and analyze the semen level for the male partners. These steps will help them to diagnose medical problems, if any, are creating problems in your pregnancy. If it doesn't work out then you can go for other options too.

3. How to choose an infertility specialist?

If the efforts of your Gynae do not get successful, your next step would be to find an infertility specialist. And it can be a difficult task. So, doing research or consulting doctors or your gynae would be the best choice to find the ideal infertility doctor for IVF treatment.

4. How many cycles of infertility treatment can be covered?

To know, in IVF treatment doctors surgically retrieve eggs from the woman, fertilize them with sperm and transfer it back to womans uterus. In some cases couples get lucky on the first attempt, so you must not be discouraged if you have to go through more than one attempt to get pregnant.

Fertility treatments can be daunting. But if you have the right research, then growing your family would be more possible. And you can celebrate each day the happiness of having a healthy and happy family.

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