Secondary Infertility And Its Causes

Secondary Infertility And Its Causes


Secondary infertility a condition where once a couple have had a minimum of one kid is making an attempt to get pregnant once more, however, is unable to conceive after a minimum of one year of making an attempt.

Secondary infertility may be confusing. You had no trouble obtaining pregnancy last time. So, why isn't it happening now? Many people suppose primary infertility is a lot of common than the secondary one. Primary infertility means when a couple never had kids and are facing trouble

After all, they need one child. Isn't that enough?

The truth is that whether or not you are troubled for, there is anxiety and grief to confront.

Managing secondary infertility has its own challenges. You have a picture of what you thought your family would be. Your kid could also be requesting a sibling. In addition, the medical causes of the secondary infertility aren't any easier to treat and identification than primary infertility.


Identical issues that result in primary infertility cause secondary infertility. ?

  • Male physiological condition thanks to low or absent sperm cell count, issues with sperm cell form (also referred to as sperm cell morphology), or issues with sperm cell movement (also referred to as sperm cell motility)
  • Problems with biological process, whether or not irregular biological process or organic process
  • Blocked fallopian tubes
  • Endometriosis
  • Fibroids
  • Recurrent miscarriage
  • Immunological problems (problems with natural killer cells or anti-sperm antibodies)
  • Hostile cervical mucous secretion
  • Problems with the mucous membrane
  • Adhesions or female internal reproductive organ scaring
  • Unexplained

Why Can't I conceive?

This is the most important question within the minds of these expert secondary physiological condition. The secondary physiological condition might strike once.

You're older

If you had your first kid at thirty-five, and you are making an attempt for a second at thirty-eight, your fertility has naturally declined considerably.

Age could be a major reason behind the secondary physiological condition.

You are with a brand-new partner: it might be your new partner has associate unknown physiological condition drawback. However, it is additionally possible that the one has developed a fertility drawback from a previous relationship.

Either scenario will occur

An underlying fertility drawback has worsened: otherwise, you forever had subclinical PCOS. Perhaps your female internal reproductive organ reserves were already on the downside; however, you had no plan. Time has passed, and things have worsened. It happens.

You've gained weight

Fertility is littered with weight. Being over or thin will cause biological process issues in girls, and doable impact sperm cell health in men. New folks usually gain weight (partially from the physiological condition, partly from the strain and lack of sleep.) this might be enough to push you to the unfertilized facet.

You have a brand-new health problem

Maybe you or your partner has developed the polygenic disease. Perhaps he is taking medication for a prime vital sign. Alternatively, maybe you are suffering from depression. Any of those sicknesses might influence your fertility or need medication which will affect your fertility.

The last physiological condition or birth caused a fertility problem

Girdle infection or multiple D&C procedures might cause female internal reproductive organ adhesions or blocked fallopian tubes. If you had a caesarean, you will develop connective tissue, which may impact your fertility.

There's no clear reason why this point is different

Persistently, nobody will tell you why your specific fertility issue did not stop you from conceiving last time. There are loads concerning fertility that we have a tendency to do not perceive.

When do you have to ask for Help?

  • If you are beneath thirty-five years previous, you ought to seek consultation if you do not conceive after one year of making an attempt.
  • If you are thirty-five years or older, you ought to get facilitate once six months.
  • In addition, regardless of how old you are, if you face 2 consecutive miscarriages, you ought to get treated. ?

Some couples suppose they have to keep making an attempt even once the year mark passes. Didn't they conceive last time? Clearly, if they only keep attempting, they will succeed in this point. Right?

Clearly, no.

Do not hesitate to seek consultation. Some causes of the physiological condition worsen over time. Delaying might cut back your odds of success. The fact that you just got pregnant within the past does not guarantee you will conceive once more on your own.

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