Test Tube Baby Treatment:  How and Why it is Essential?

Test Tube Baby Treatment: How and Why it is Essential?


The term test-tube baby was first used in the year 1978 with the birth of Louise Joy Brown in the country of England. All thanks to the Assisted Reproductive Technique (ART) which is known as In Vitro Fertilization or test-tube baby. Here we will discuss about the test-tube baby treatment.




However, despite being test-tube baby a popular term it still confuses couples while seeking medical attention for their infertility problems. Some believe that is different from IVF. So let us give you a brief knowledge about what is test tube baby, why the treatment is required and why it is essential.

Definition of test tube baby treatment

It is a general term used for In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). In this treatment, the womans egg is processed with the mans sperm outside the womans body. It is processed in the lab in a Petri-dish till the time it turns itself into an embryo. Once this is done, then it is planted inside the womans body and the pregnancy starts its process.

Why it is essential

  • When there is damage to the fallopian tube
  • When the ovulation is missing and the woman does not have enough eggs for fertilization
  • When a premature ovarian failure takes place
  • When there is a syndrome of Endometriosis

Step by step process involved

Since 1978 much advancement has been made in this test tube baby treatment but the main one remains the same.

Step 1: Egg production with hormone therapy:

Before the process begins, the woman is injected with some hormones like GnRHa and Gonadotropins. This is done for the growth of the follicles inside the womans ovary. After injecting HCG36, within three hours the egg reaches the stage of maturity.

Step 2: Eggs received from the ovary:

The next step is fetching the eggs from the ovary. This can cause some pain but to avert this she is given some sedative. Then with the help of the Ultrasound vaginal probe the eggs are removed and taken to the lab.

Step 3: Sperm sample is provided:

On the same day of the womans egg retrieval; a fresh semen sample of the man is required for the continuation of the process.

Step 4: Eggs and sperm combined for fertilization:

The next step is where the eggs and sperm are mixed in a Petri-dish and kept in an incubator for a few days. The fertilization is monitored during this time.

Step 5: Introducing Fertilised eggs:

Once the embryo forms and is under the observation of the fertility specialist, it is transferred to the womans uterus. Not one but two or three is transferred.

We hope now you have a brief knowledge about what is test tube baby, the treatment and its requirement for the infertility couples. So, do not get confused and choose the best centre for test tube baby treatment in Siliguri.

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