The most common cause of Infertility: PCOS

The most common cause of Infertility: PCOS


PCOS, or Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, maybe a hormonal condition affecting 10% of girls of their reproductive age. Its alarming, that 70% of PCOS cases go undiagnosed given to the lack of awareness about the condition. PCOS affects your life in many ways.

Awareness about PCOS

PCOS is a result of increased male hormones in women. In a typical case of PCOS, small cysts, or follicles grow inside the ovaries, each containing an immature egg. The eggs in these follicles never develop, so ovulation is hindered. This, including excess male hormones, affects the function of the ovaries. Women with PCOS experience delayed periods, and in some cases, once can experience no periods. A number of the common symptoms of PCOS are irregular periods, excess facial and hair, acne, weight gain, also as male pattern baldness.

Causes and effects of PCOS

  • While theres no concrete answer to what causes PCOS, there are a couple of findings that link certain features to PCOS. One among them is genes. Some researchers have observed an association between genetics and PCOS.
  • Insulin resistance is another factor that will cause PCOS. Insulin resistance causes excess insulin to be produced within the body, which successively causes the ovaries to secrete more male hormones. This increases the danger of diabetes, also as PCOS.
  • PCOS can cause some adverse effects on the feminine body, which is why its vital to consult. A number of these effects include low metabolism, obesity and depression.

However, one of the most questions that ladies have worldwide is - Does PCOS creates problems in pregnancy?' PCOS obstructs the regular release of the egg, which makes fertilization difficult. In PCOS infertility rate is high, with almost 75% of girls with PCOS having problems with conception.

How is PCOS treated?

Some of the foremost common ways to treat PCOS include medication to manage the cycle, However, its important to notice that these drugs also can have side effects, which is why its best to let a doctor decide the simplest mode of treatment for you. You can do your bit to deal with PCOS by following a healthy diet and a daily exercise routine. Obesity remains a major reason for the PCOS infertility rate, which is why its necessary to focus on that first. Losing even 5-10% of weight can boost fertility in PCOS patients.

Treating PCOS and infertility with IVF

Infertility treatments can sometimes be tough for the body to handle. When it involves IVF in PCOS patients, the overstimulation of the ovaries to supply more eggs may result in dangerous effects for the body. IVF decreases these risks and aims at avoiding such problems. Consult the best infertility expert in your region.

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