The Pros and Cons of Test Tube Baby Treatment

The Pros and Cons of Test Tube Baby Treatment


Human life comes with different expectations and wishes by meeting certain limitations. But whatever may be the limitations people try their best to get privileged with the basic needs of life. The basic needs include a shelter to stay, a partner to share our feelings and a baby to shower immense love and affection. A home without a child seems to be lifeless. So, are you planning for a baby? Is the question really hurts you? There is nothing to worry when you are privileged to have a Test Tube Baby. The advancement of science gives you the opportunity to give birth to a child even after being infertile. Here we will discuss the pros and cons of the test-tube baby treatment.



 Test Tube Baby Treatment




What is a Test Tube Baby?

Test Tube Baby is actually a conversational term used for IVF treatment where IVF means 'in vitro fertilization' under this process the infertile woman is taken under medication through drugs and injections till the time they produce mature eggs. The mature eggs are then removed from their ovary and kept in vitro or a test-tube. Inside the laboratory, the eggs are introduced with a healthy and high motility sperm (taken from the father or a donor).

The fertilization takes place inside the glass tube within 2-3 weeks. The developed embryos are then transferred to the uterus of the woman or the mother for further growth. The possibility of the procedure being successful to a great extent depends on the age and weight of the woman. The process of Test Tube Baby is a little bit complex and emotional one which needs mental balance, a positive mind, a healthy body and cooperation of family members.

What are the Pros and Cons of Test Tube Baby?

Whenever a couple is enquired about IVF treatment they come with lots of confusion and questions regarding the process incurred by this treatment. Everyone must go through the pros and cons of IVF treatment in terms of making the process simple.


  • Analysis and observation prove that children conceived through IVF are not generally subject to health issues when compared to children conceive through normal delivery. Every couple wants their child to be strong and healthy so thats really making a sense.
  • IVF treatment by itself is always successful because the ova and sperm of infertile couples will always unite. The challenge actually lies in the implantation process. So, the couple must rely on a trusted and popular IVF center.
  • This advanced treatment will give a chance to infertile couples to have a child. You too have the right of becoming a caring mother or a proud father.
  • Even after knowing the fact that the male sperm count is low, you can still find a chance to use a donor for making the process successful.
  • You can make your dream into reality by having a child of your own instead of adopting someone else's child.


  • There is no guarantee of achieving success as the process of implantation is complex and critical.
  • This process is extremely time consuming and need lots of dedication and patience to go through the medication phase, egg retrieval, and embryo transfer phase.
  • You must rely on the best doctors and that welcome an elaborate process which comes to be very expensive. One single treatment cycle might cost you Rs 75000.
  • Multiple embryos transfer to the uterus may welcome complications or increases the chances of getting twins or triplets.
  • Complications like Ectopic pregnancy might arise when the embryo attaches outside the uterus. The women might face severe abdominal pain and vaginal bleeding.

Just remember

Everything comes with confusion and arise a question but that doesn't mean that you should stay away from it. Just look into the faces of those couples who are happy after going through the process of IVF treatment. You too can be happy and feel joyous by having a child of your own.

There is always a chance for success when you wish for something good, all it needs is the determination and proper treatment in order to get the best results. IVF treatment of test-tube baby is a genuine choice for any infertile couple who are planning for a baby. Try to improve your lifestyle, quit smoking and regular drinking habits by following the guidance of the doctor. Possibilities and success rates are increasing day by day as the process incurred by medical science is improving with the time frame. Remembering these pros and cons of test-tube baby treatment you can easily make a sensible decision.

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