Things You Need to Know Before Fertility Treatment

Things You Need to Know Before Fertility Treatment


Sometimes the road to parenthood can be challenging and pregnancy does not come easily. But many couples need to wait to seek help because of the fears they have about fertility treatment. So, how do you know if you need fertility treatments or just be patient? There are some answers to this question.

When to See a Fertility Specialist?

As we know that the older you get the chances of pregnancy gets less. After 40, chances are usually low. So a woman is not advised to get pregnant with her own eggs.

Are There Still Options After 40?

As the pregnancy chances decrease gradually during this age so they are advised treatment with the egg donor. With the help of this, a woman can get pregnant until 48.

What Are the Most Common Causes of Infertility?

In women, the most common infertility cause is the problem of ovulation. Again this is very challenging. Also poorly functioning fallopian tubes, Endometriosis and low sperm count in males are the main causes of infertility.

What Are the Fertility Treatments Available?

There are many fertility treatments available but the most common among them include medications, surgery and the most important IVF. But the treatments differ in every couple.

How Does IVF Work?

Hormones are used to stimulate the production of eggs in a womans ovary. The eggs are then retrieved, fertilized in the lab and then put back into a womans uterus. After which the implantation occurs and the woman becomes pregnant.

How Important is the Lab at the Fertility Centre?

The lab can be the most important factor because it helps in maintaining quality, safety and patient care for a successful IVF procedure.

So as you now know about fertility treatment and how it takes place, you can choose the best time and centre for your treatment. Have a successful fertility journey!

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