Things to Know About the Centre Before IVF Treatment

Things to Know About the Centre Before IVF Treatment


Everyones journey to becoming a parent is different, but at some point in time, we reach for the same goal, to have a baby! Your fertility specialist will work out with this problem and help you overcome your infertility issues. Select a IVF treatment options that will fit the best for the individual needs of your growing family and you might have a happy future.

Finding the Best IVF Centre

There are many experts in this field and IVF must be considered as the first choice for all infertility treatments. So, if you are in the process and looking for the best IVF centre in Siliguri then here are some of the tips to choose the right one.

How Successful is the Procedure in this Centre?

The success of the IVF procedure depends upon several factors, most important of it is the age of the patient and the factors causing infertility. If it is less than 30 the success rate can be high if above 35 then it can be less. However, you must research about the chances the IVF centre can assure for a healthy pregnancy.

Is the Doctor Friendly?

You must choose a doctor according to your choice. You might have some questions and you need to know them. Only a polite doctor will answer all your queries. If you feel connected then you can end up satisfied with your IVF treatment.


 IVF is no doubt a costly procedure but it can be made cost-effective if the centre has an egg freezing facility. By freezing embryos, the patient has the advantage of getting repeated embryos without paying the whole amount for the IVF cycle. So, when you look for the centres find whether this option is available or not.

Lab Standards:

In an IVF cycle, a good laboratory is equally important as a qualified and experienced doctor. Hence, get to know what standard of laboratories the IVF centre has and if they have a good embryologist.

Look for the best IVF treatment in Siliguri and have a successful journey towards fulfilling the dream of parenthood.

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