Three Tips for Your First Fertility Appointment

Three Tips for Your First Fertility Appointment


Facing things for the first time seems a bit challenging. But everything follows a certain course of action and that smoothens the pathway. A lot of thoughts, doubts must be moving around your head. However, it's the moment to leave all the burden that you're putting on your shoulder and go ahead with your preparation. Just three hassle-free steps you need to go after. If you're excited now it's the time to book an appointment. You can contact Newlife Fertility Center, the best IVF center in Siliguri.

Feel free to come forward, we ensure quality care for each individual dealing with infertility issues.

What are the three tips for your first fertility appointment?

  • Get Prepared: gather all the previous and current health records, for instance, blood test reports, medication data, test files regarding infertility issues. Bring a government ID card, insurance card. This method makes your appointment swifter.
  • Carry A Notebook: because on your first meeting with the specialist, you'll get to receive plenty of information, that requires to be noted. Either in a diary or on smatphone. This strategy ensures no loss of details.
  • Ask questions: it may seem overwhelming and confusing but never skip asking questions. helps you clear your doubts, giving you a more clear view of the treatment.

How safe is IVF?

IVF treatment is itself quite safe. It is performed outside the body in vitro, considered completely successful for the couple or an individual with infertility issues.

 Consult a specialist if you have/had:

  • Excess weight
  • Multiple Births
  • PCOD
  • Hyperthyroidism & Hypothyroidism
  • Previous Preterm Birth record
  • Miscarriage
  • Stress issues
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Diabetes

For any fertility complications, visit Newlife Fertility Center, famous for comprehensive and optimal treatments. Regarded as one of the best IVF center in Siliguri, West Bengal.

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