Tips to enhance fertility in men

Tips to enhance fertility in men


The mother's physiological processes are meant to carry the baby during pregnancy. While pregnancy is mostly related with mothers and women, technically the male or the father has an equal role as well. The father's reproductive health matters similarly like the mother. Major part of India is male dominated and male infertility is still a taboo. Most of the men feel shy or shameful to admit that they are going through infertility treatments or they are facing infertility problems. With increasing cases of rising infertility, it is a high-time to break the silence and the taboos related to it as there are so many treatments. The treatments can only work efficiently, if detected early. The IVF doctors in Siliguri encourage and acknowledge male infertility problems in the same way as they deal with the unfortunate mothers.

Taking care of the "male factor"

As we suggest women to take care of a few lifestyle for a better pre-conceptional health, we must encourage men to take care of their reproductive health especially when they reach the stage of planning a child. Here is a list of tips to enhance male fertility by the best IVF doctors in Siliguri.

Control your weight

Not only the women who bear the child, but the men also need to keep a balanced weight for ensuring a good quality of the sperm. You must take measure to reach a normal BMI (Body Mass Index) for a healthy fertile health. Underweight or overweight adds to the risk of infertility. No only this, obesity can lead to infertility indirectly as it causes other ailments like diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.

Absolute no to smoking

Smoking cigarettes is the biggest factor of low sperm content in male. It can also cause impotency. Therefore, if you are a smoker, and facing difficulties in quitting, there are many health centres who help in the aid professionally. You might think one or two then now is fine, but it is not. It also causes dangerous diseases that can ultimately cause infertility along with other serious illnesses.

Eating and living habits might need a change

The pre-conceptional health matters not only for the women, but also men. The IVF doctors in Siliguri suggest that if you are planning a child, you must change your lifestyle from at least 1 year prior to make sure your child is healthy. Eat your greens, limit the screen time, do not bring home the work stress, get sound sleep ad exclude too much sugar or alcohol from your diet. Introduce fruits and fluids and lots of smiles in your life.

Despite the control, sometimes infertility can affect due to many other reasons like genetic or medical. Do not hesitate to get yourself checked immediately.  

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