Pregnancy Issues? Discover the Best Infertility Treatment for You

Pregnancy Issues? Discover the Best Infertility Treatment for You


IVF is a short form for In-Vitro Fertilization which comes into play when all other methods of treatment procedure get failed. It is the best treatment in case a couple is not able to conceive due to some medical problems. It has given new hopes to those who thought they could never experience the joy of parenthood.

Brief idea about IVF

As we all know that infertility is a disease that leads to an inability of a person to participate in conception or a female who is not being able to carry a healthy pregnancy. If a couple tries to conceive without any successful result then they are highly under the shadow of infertility.

However, the potentiality of fertility for both men and women decrease as they hit 30!

Did you all know about this? We hope, no!

Factors leading to infertility

  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Low Follicle Count
  • Blockage in the Fallopian tube
  • Low Sperm Count

These factors can be easily overcome by the blessing of IVF. You just need to take help of an expert infertility specialist in Siliguri to help you go through a healthy pregnancy.

In this modern world, though IVF is a blessing for many couples, still there are few questions which arise before putting this highly advanced procedure in use.

Why choose IVF?

IVF should be your first priority for becoming a parent in case you are doomed with infertility. Through IVF many have found positive answers. Mainly old age, genetic factors, unhealthy lifestyle, medical conditions- these factors can be overcome if you seek the assistance of IVF.

How much does it cost?

The cost of IVF varies from place to place. One cycle of IVF includes medicines, procedures, blood tests, and embryo storage. However, what matters is the work of an infertility specialist in Siliguri!

How much successful is IVF?

The success rate depends upon many factors including the age. It is known that women of 20-35 have a high success rate of pregnancy than the women who belong to the age of more than 40.

So do not hesitate and choose the best for your future!

Offering the ideal treatment

It is a fact that the cost of medical treatment in other countries is highly expensive. But in Siliguri the cost of IVF treatment is affordable. This technique needs equal participation of the patients as well as the doctors. This plays a role in deciding the success of the treatment.

So, choose the best clinic and a professional infertility specialist in Siliguri for a happy pregnancy.

If you need any help, do ask. We are available to help you!


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