Ways to deal with the symptoms related to infertility and depression

Ways to deal with the symptoms related to infertility and depression

Infertility can be distressing and many people experience phases of stress, sadness and leave the hope. It is surprising to know that there has been a high rate of major depressive disorder in people who were receiving treatment for infertility.

How are the two interlinked!!

Let us SEE... Nowadays, doctors understand the fact that infertility is a medical problem in which people go through shame and secrecy. So, this can make it difficult to ask for help from the family or friends. It is true that not conceiving even after trying for a prolonged period can be disappointing! A research of 2010 says- Depression may also prevent people from seeking treatment for infertility. It is relieving to know that people with fertility issues can have a child after treatment like in vitro fertilization (IVF). Still thinking about the chances of success of the treatment also undermines a person's mental health.

Do you know about the other reasons!! If not then here it is...

Some of the other reasons which link with infertility other than depression are:
  • Stress

  • Medical conditions

  • Emotional and physical challenges of treatment

  • Side effects of treatment

Anyone can experience depression because of Infertility. But just because depression is common in infertility, this doesnt mean you should ignore to treat it! There is nothing to feel sad about if you have been through infertility. There are always ways to cure it.


Treatment: Some people even try out different medical treatments before finding the one that works well. But you must be aware of the dose and ask your doctor for help. Therapy: This is also an effective way to reduce depression. During therapy, a person discusses their feelings about infertility and set goals about improving their relationship. If it harms in any way then counselling is the best option! Engaging yourself:  For many people, these two options like treatment and therapy work very effectively and they get good results. Besides a healthy lifestyle, eating a good diet and regular exercise is a must. Some couples even find our other hobbies or activities to re-balance their life. Now, keeping this entire discussion aside there are few natural remedies which can be useful to reduce stress in daily life. They are: We hope this might be effective to reduce stress! However, there is always a second time but how...

Being mentally strong and positively prepared

Even if you have failed while treating with IVF for the first time there is always a second chance. Studies have demonstrated a women experiences higher chance of pregnancy rate for the second time if they have failed to get treated with IVF in the past. The second chance IVF gives you two chances to have a successful pregnancy. It covers a complete 12 months of fresh start all over again. Also, the role and support of a family matter the most!
Start new all over again!
Hence being strong and preparation is a must because there is always a second chance to everything. We must never lose hope!
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