What is the difference between Test Tube Baby and Surrogacy?

What is the difference between Test Tube Baby and Surrogacy?


Advancement of science and lots of researches on infertility treatment makes it possible for you to become a parent even after having the issue of infertility. Fast lifestyles and unhealthy schedules of this generation increase the rate of infertility. But there is nothing to get worried about it. The problem might be with the woman as well as with the man and the couple needs to consult with the doctor about their issues of conceiving. Here we will discuss the difference between Test Tube Baby and Surrogacy

The ancient Indian society was ashamed of infertility and tried to avoid talking in this matter but if you look into the religious epics like 'Mahabharata' you will find some interesting stories about infertility and how people of that time faced the problem with scientific method and analysis. So, even after having such examples some people get frustrated and feel sad about their incapability of not having a child. Everyone has the right to enjoy their parenthood and to feel the joy of having a child of their own.

Are you aware of Test Tube Baby or Surrogacy treatment?  

Yes, these treatments are very common these days as people find a way to get out of their issues by having a child of their own. You could be a mother or a father even after facing the issue of infertility. At the first stage, one must know about the different methods of infertility treatment and that makes them more confident about managing a hard time. The term 'IVF' and 'Surrogacy' confuses the people most of the time. So here we will make you understand the difference between these two treatments and how the process helps you in becoming a happy parent.

What is Test Tube Baby?







IVF stands for In Vitro Fertilization which actually means fertilization inside a glass tube. This process is commonly known as 'Test Tube Baby' where an infertile woman is taken under observation with proper medication till the time they produce mature eggs. Then through the egg removal process the doctors remove the eggs and mix with the sperm of a man (father or a donor) outside the body. The IVF specialist keeps the sperm and eggs in a special container for a few days in a laboratory.

When the developed embryos come out after regular observation, the embryos are placed in a womans fallopian tube through 'embryo transfer' process. If the treatment is rightly done and the fallopian tube gets attached with the embryos then pregnancy happen. This method is complicated and emotional for any parents; the only way to manage this time is by hoping for a positive result.

What is Surrogacy Treatment?







Surrogacy is a process in which an infertile couple who are willing to carry their baby, hire a surrogate mother. She carries the baby in her womb when the original mother cannot carry the baby inside her womb. The body might not permit a woman to carry a baby but the process starts with proper medication. The original mother's eggs are removed at the right time and get placed with the high motility sperm taken from the father or a donor. Sometimes the man might be infertility or have low motility sperm count which welcomes a sperm donor to support the process of surrogacy.

When the matured egg and the sperm become successful in creating embryos, the final stage starts with the transfer of embryos into the surrogate mother's fallopian tube or uterus in the zygote condition to carry out the further process of reproduction. Once the surrogate mother gives birth to a baby, the couple will welcome the new member into the family. The baby remains genetically the child of the original parents. But the surrogate mother carries & delivers the baby to them. Both treatments are a part of IVF treatment to bring a smile in the face of infertile couples. There are so many IVF centers in India who are capable enough in providing you the right treatment by analyzing your problems and issues of conceiving. There is nothing wrong about discussing this matter with your friends and family so that they will recommend you towards some of the best IVF centers.

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