Why Childbirth Should Not Be a One-Size-Fits-All Procedure

Why Childbirth Should Not Be a One-Size-Fits-All Procedure


I respect my mother and hatsoff her for every pain she has taken on her, for making me what I am today.

 Likewise, I respect every woman who is going to be a new mother.

Sometimes due to some medical issues, women are unable to give birth. With the advance of science andtechnology today every woman is able to enjoy motherhood.

Yes! You can be a mother!!

With the help of IVF technology now woman do not need to worry about childbirth. Pregnancy is a natural phenomenon but some women may miss out on this but as the headline says, 'Childbirth may not be a one size fit all' you may find solutions to your infertility but in a different way but reliable.

IVF is what you might use. If you want to know about IVF technology you can consult your doctor. Here are some tips to those special mothers who are about to give birth with the help of IVF technology.

Tips for Mothers using IVF technology:

 1. A Dignified Childbirth policy:

Women must enjoy a protective, respectful and proper childbirth. They must not feel insecure ordisrespectful.

 2. Pain relief policies:

A woman requesting a pain relief must be given without a question. The doctors cant decide the yes or no regarding this.

 3. Staffs must be tender:

Rude and not sympathetically staffs are not to be taken in the labor room. The staffs in the labor room must be compassionate towards the mother.

 4. Free to select birth position:

The woman must be allowed to select her birth position. Whatever way she is comfortable in should beallowed.

5. Soothing music allowed:

To relax the mother you can play some soothing music in the labor room. But only if the mother likes it.

 6. Ask her what she wants:

Keep interacting with her and try to know her needs. She must be completely relaxed and calm.

"Sometimes the strength of motherhood is greaterthan natural laws" - Barbara Kingsolver


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