Will The COVID-19 Vaccine Affects My Infertility Treatment?

Is it safe to plan pregnancy or IVF treatment and the Covid-19 vaccine at the same time?


According to the data produced on behalf of the research undergone by “OHQ (Oxford Happiness Questionnaire)” which consisted of 247 pregnant women- it was found that the level of happiness of pregnant women included in the study was found to be higher during pregnancy. Hence, it clearly validates that-‘pregnant woman is the happiest woman.’

 However, since Covid-19 has taken the world under its rampant, truth has vastly gone different from the reality it used to be. Though the Covid-19 vaccine comforted the world to some extent, things are still stormy amidst the people undergoing medical treatments. Amongst such questioning minds, pregnancy has been the most inquired topic so far where queries about fertility treatment top the list.

So, being mindful about the uprising questions and myths, here are some statics provided on which you can uphold unwaveringly.

Fertility treatment has planted a seed of hope in the hearts of many couples who cannot conceive naturally. On one hand, where the world is cheering over the vaccine, the couples indulged with IVF are muddled between joy and woe.

  •  Is it safe to plan pregnancy or IVF treatment and the Covid-19 vaccine at the same time?

Though pregnant women were not encouraged for the first few trials of vaccination, Pfizer’s trial proved that covid vaccination is as safe during pregnancy as it normally is.

Even same goes for couples going under IVF and other fertility treatments. Researchers have proved that fertility treatment and Covid-19 vaccination can be done at a time. 

  • Should I skip the jab for time being?

If you are great enough to invite a threat for you and your family, then definitely yes, you can let go of the jab.

Whatever, wherever, whosoever you are, getting vaccinated should be your first priority to keep you and society safe.

  • Will my treatment get affected by the vaccine?

Some vaccines can contain live viruses and may have the possibility to damage your placenta, sperm, eggs, embryo, etc. But Covid vaccination doesn’t contain any kind of such live viruses which means your reproductive elements are secure even after vaccination.


  • Should I delay my fertility treatment?

Just like you should not delay vaccination, fertility also deserves no wait.

Although it’s fully your choice about delaying your treatment, no medical restrictions are to be seen till now as such. You should not hold back happiness for a long time.

  • Will therebe any side effects?

Yes, the vaccine has its own side effects like slight headaches and chills but it applies to everyone either processing any treatment or not.

Apart from that, there are no other side effects of Covid vaccines in general.

Moreover, it will help you to fight the virus and have a healthy pregnancy.

  • What if my baby gets affected after birth?

If your baby can deal with the vaccine during his/her most delicate phase when it’s in the form of an egg, then there is no point in getting affected afterward. In fact, when you vaccinate yourself you will be able to give birth to a healthy life.

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