5 Pregnancy Tips From An Infertility Specialist In Siliguri

5 Pregnancy Tips From An Infertility Specialist In Siliguri


Complete parenthood will start with pregnancy which is a beautiful journey for every woman. Lot of things couples have to do while planning for a child. If you are a woman as well as pregnant, safety for both you and your child is the ultimate priority.

But the problem occurs for infertile couples who try their best to conceive a baby for more than one year. There are many reasons for having infertility problems. Thinking about how to conceive will not help you until you consult with your infertility specialist in Siliguri.

An infertility specialist is a physician who specializes in dealing with the health of the female reproductive system that including fallopian tubes, uterus, ovaries, and breasts. Remember that the journey of infertility is 100% manageable with your will, and belief.

To improve your health and successful pregnancy, IVF doctor Prasenjit Kumar Roy describes the 5 best tips that naturally help you to fertile.

1) Necessary Check-Up

The first and foremost tip is to consult a doctor and do every necessary check-up required. For that, you must make a plan and talk to your doctor about anything you feel or have, such as be it any medical conditions you have and you take medicines regarding that and is that can cause any effect to your pregnancy.

Like, you try to share each and every detail of your medical report and on that basis, your doctor will diagnose and suggest necessary medical tests, or medications.

2) Change Food Habits

Sometimes changing food habits is necessary for your health. This simply means a balanced nutritious diet that helps your body to keep fit and healthy so that you can conceive a baby and also your baby become healthy.

Here, a short tip if possible to maintain it would be great which is when you are pregnant, you may have the wish to eat different foods as the taste bud is changed for a short period.

But as a mother, you must avoid any sort of junk food or fast-rich food that can cause digestive problems. It would be great if you able to add more fruits and veggies to your overall diet chart.

3) Drink More Water

Taking water isn’t a big deal but mostly it can happen during the winter season. Because in winter season most people consume less water and it can cause dehydrate and other health issues. As a mother, you must make a schedule that while waking up in the morning, take a glass of water, and before taking dinner take a glass of water.

Besides, take 6 to 8 glasses of water according to your body, in-between period from morning to night. Here, is a bonus tip*, when you consume water try to avoid the bottle use glass only and never stand and drink, always sit and sip.

4) Exercise Safely

Mostly you will see everyone suggest that exercise daily is important but here, exercising safely is much more important especially pregnancy period. It is recommended that please don’t try by yourself by watching YouTube videos or by installing any apps from Google Play Store. There are lots of risks that might involve in it.

The best guidance can be provided by a doctor when you consult and take his/her suggestions. A doctor’s guide will help you to become successful in your pregnancy journey.

5) Quit Addiction

Whether it’s alcohol, smoking, or smartphone, during the pregnancy period avoiding addiction is much appreciable. In case you are not addicted and fail to conceive naturally, consult a doctor for a test tube baby process to conceive successfully.

Today, with modern equipment and advanced treatment facilities like test tube baby, your dream of conceiving a baby is 100% possible if you believe so. Today this is a treatment process that brings smiles to the faces of every hopeless couple.

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