Are IVF Babies Healthy As Normal Babies?

Are IVF Babies Healthy As Normal Babies?


For many childless couples, the development of test tube baby or in-vitro fertilization (IVF) is like a ray of hope. Many infertile couples have used IVF to achieve their goal of becoming parents, however, they constantly worry about the health of the unborn child. 

In addition, it is a result of their concerns for the care and future of their unborn kid. Before getting started, consider these important advantages of test tube baby treatment:

  • Performs better than other therapies for infertility
  • Through gestational carriers or surrogates, anybody may utilize it
  • Lowers the likelihood of miscarrying
  • Become pregnant at any age. IVF babies are healthy

According to research, the yearly percentage of children born by in vitro fertilization is around 3.3%, and both their general health and cognitive development are comparable to those of children born naturally.

In the general fertile population, there is a 3-5 percent chance of having a kid with a congenital disability. As of right now, the best estimate is that the congenital disability risk goes up by around 1 percent after an IVF treatment.

Additionally, there are not many instances of low birth weight or, in the worst-case scenario, neonatal mortality among test tube baby. However, rather than the IVF procedure itself, experts have shown that the age and fertility of the parents influence these drawbacks.

What Separates A Normal Conception From An IVF Conception?

Knowing the differences between IVF and natural conception will make it simpler for you to make a decision. After sexual activity, fertilization occurs in the fallopian tube in a naturally occurring conception. The embryo naturally goes to the uterus when it is developed and is implanted to become a baby.

However, with IVF conception, gametes from couples are extracted and fertilized in a dish in a state-of-the-art lab; the resulting lab-created embryos are then artificially implanted to achieve pregnancy.

What Distinguishes Natural Conception From IVF?

The differences between IVF and natural conception are minimal. The fertilization of the eggs by the sperm, which occurs during IVF, is the most important step in any conception.

Fertilization happens naturally in the fallopian tube, which is located within your body. On the other hand, fertilization takes place in a dish inside a unique device created especially for this technique during an IVF operation.

The embryo created within the fallopian tube goes to the uterus after a normal conception and implants itself to become pregnant. In contrast, an artificial method is used to implant an embryo or embryos generated in a lab into the uterus.

The steps that follow in IVF are the same as those that occur after spontaneous conception once the embryo inserts itself into the uterus. Logic shows that there is absolutely no danger to the health of an IVF kid in this situation. These children may have the same level of health and immunity to illness as a child conceived naturally.

Children those who are born via test tube baby procedure are perfectly healthy. For many couples who, for whatever reason, are unable to realize their desire to become parents, test tube baby offers hope. In addition, in light of all the data and proof gathered by researchers, you are advised to go with test tube baby treatment.

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