Are IVF Babies Healthy Physically and Mentally?

Are IVF Babies Healthy Physically and Mentally?


Millions of childless parents are blessed with the advancement of IVF or In Vitro Fertilization. Though this new discovery in the field of medical science has helped a lot of parents fulfilling their dreams of being a parent but questions regarding its credibility hover around the minds of the would-be parents. Most of the people, however, this belief that these babies born under assisted reproductive techniques are not as healthy as a naturally conceived one. Medical experts around the globe are constantly trying to put an end to these false beliefs and trying to come up with a myth buster.

Before emphasizing upon whether IVF babies are healthy or not we must at first understand the difference between a natural conception and a conception through In Vitro Fertilization.

IVF and Natural Conception

It is always important to compare the process of IVF and natural conception to reach to a conclusion. One thing which is common is that both the processes involve the fertilization of the eggs by the sperm. The natural process takes place in the fallopian tube (after sexual intercourse). In IVF the fertilization takes place in a dish in a special lab designed for the process.  In the natural conception, the formed embryo travels to the uterus where it is naturally implanted for pregnancy. On the other hand, the lab-created embryo(s) are implanted in the embryo artificially.

It is very important to know that after the embryo(s) are implanted in the uterus the following phases are the same as natural conception. Hence, if you think logically, you will understand that the health of a test tube baby is not at all stake. They can be as healthy and ailment free as a baby born through a natural pregnancy.

Do IVF babies bear higher health risks?

According to the preconceived notions, IVF babies are artificial and they are more likely to fall into the high-risk categories. Yes, it is true that IVF babies are often born prematurely, born with low birth weight. In the worst-case scenario, there are also cases of neonatal death. Congenital birth defects and Neurological disorders are higher than naturally conceived children. Babies conceived through IVF or any other Assisted Reproduced Techniques are, therefore may develop autism or any other learning disability.

Research has shown that the factors that are responsible behind the abnormalities could be male or female fertility and ages of the parents rather than the process itself. On top of these findings, it is evident that there is always a higher amount of risk in multiple births (as experts transfer more than one embryo to maximize the chances of getting pregnant) as compared to singleton births.

 Should you go for an IVF?

Having considered all the facts, IVF is still a boon to those who are unable to expect a baby in a normal process. The majority of the babies born through this process are healthy both physically and mentally. This, itself, assures the success of the process. Following some precautions, you can definitely gift yourself the happiness you always deserved.

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