Best Test Tube Baby Treatment

Parenthood is one of the best moments in every couple's life. But due to health problems and fertility issues, the goal of parenthood becomes just a dream instead of a reality. Today, with the best test tube baby treatment process this dream can be turned into reality.

If you are trying to conceive a baby for more than a year, but are unable to achieve it due to fertility problems, don't worry, with a successful test tube baby treatment in Siliguri you will become a parent. Test tube baby is the advanced level of medical treatment that helps women to conceive.

At Newlife Fertility Centre, we help couples to understand the process of test tube baby treatment before starting their long journey. This treatment process is a bit complex and lengthy where it's important for couples to take the right guidance and solution given by their best fertility specialist.

Best Test Tube Baby treatment in Siliguri

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Porcess of Test Tube Baby treatment in Siliguri
Newlife Fertility Centre Siliguri offering Test Tube Baby treatment

Test Tube Baby Process

The process of a test tube baby gets started by taking proper medication for the infertile woman to develop and fertilize the eggs in the ovaries. The process needs some time to mature the eggs enough for fertilization and to begin the next process.

Sometimes, observation of specialized doctors might also get needed in this process. Next, through the egg retrieval process, the matured eggs are removed from the body. An egg donor can be introduced in this process if the mother fails to produce enough mature eggs.

After completion, the retrieved eggs are combined with the father or a donor's sperm. Next, both the eggs and the sperm are kept in a petri dish inside the laboratory. Again the process needs some time so that the sperm cells will fertilize the egg cells and develop an embryo.

After keeping the embryo in the laboratory for a few more days it's then transferred into the mother's uterus. When more than one embryo is transferred into the uterus, the embryo gets attached to the fallopian tube to increase the chance of pregnancy success.

At Newlife Fertility Centre, our efficient doctors understand your conditions and thus new techniques are introduced to help you to feel better during conception. Finally, the test tube baby will create a miracle when your hope and our treatment process are combined successfully.

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