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The dream can be achieved by the advancement of science. The latest scientific innovation in the field of medical science helps people to overcome the challenges. Childless couples can fulfil their dream with the In-vitro fertilization treatment which is better known as test tube baby treatment. The concept of test tube baby is now new to the human civilization as the birth of the first test tube baby took place before 42 years. Even after the birth of Louise Joy Brown, couples in India feel shy to share their infertility stories.

Best Test Tube Baby treatment in Siliguri

Newlife Fertility Centre gives the chance to such couples to share their issues by going through the innovative treatment process. The process is a bit complex and lengthy where it is important to take the right suggestion and advice given by the fertility specialist. Our centre helps the couple to understand the process before starting the long journey towards success. The things need to be understood first to stay focused towards the goal where the embryo is developed outside the body and then transferred successfully to the mother's uterus.

How does the process work in Test Tube Baby Treatment?

The process begins with the proper medication over the infertile woman to fertilize the eggs effectively. The woman takes fertility drugs to develop eggs in the ovaries. The process needs some time under the observation of specialized doctors. Once they observe that the eggs are matured enough for fertilization the next process is about to begin. The matured eggs are then removed from the body through the egg retrieval process. Sometimes an egg donor is also introduced in the process if the mother fails to produce mature eggs. This process is initiated with the help of a guided needle. After the completion of this process, the retrieved eggs are mixed with high motility sperm taken from the father or a donor. Both the eggs and the sperm are kept in a vitro or petri dish inside the laboratory.

Porcess of Test Tube Baby treatment in Siliguri
Newlife Fertility Centre Siliguri offering Test Tube Baby treatment

Again the process needs some time where the sperm cell will fertilize the egg cells and an embryo is developed. The embryo is kept under the laboratory for a few more days under special observation and controlled conditions. The next step is most important in the process of test tube baby treatment where the embryos are transferred into the mother's uterus. In some of the cases, surrogated mothers are introduced in the process if the woman is incapable of carrying the embryo. More than one embryos are transferred in the uterus to increase the chance of success. Once the embryo gets attached with the fallopian tube of the woman, pregnancy happens. The whole process needs cooperation and patience along with financial solvency. Newlife Fertility Centre is known for the success rate and providing the best IVF treatment at an affordable rate.

Why choose us?

Newlife Fertility Centre can be the best option for you to cope up with the problem of infertility. We share our experiences and assure to achieve success through the advanced treatment procedures. We are facilitated with advanced Modular IVF lab, Ovum donation, surrogacy, Blastocyst culture, pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis and screening along with semen donation and testicular sperm aspiration, and many more ways to help in stepping forward towards achieving your dream.

Test Tube Baby treatment in Newlife Fertilicy Centre

Our doctors are more efficient in understanding both male and female infertility. New techniques are involved in the process of putting sperm and eggs cells where the precautionary measures are taken to allow the woman to feel more natural environment for conception. Your hope and our treatment will create the miracle in the process of test tube baby. Reaches and studies are done effectively before using the new devices that maintain the health of both the mother and the baby.

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