Sperm Donation: Giving The Gift Of Life

Sperm Donation: Giving The Gift Of Life


Sperm donation is a priceless gift of a new life one can give. It is like giving a new ray of hope and making someones dream of having a family come true. A lot of recipients can have a baby thanks to this procedure. Now same-sex couples and single mothers can be granted their wish. The fertility center in Siliguri gives the benefit of having a genetic child to several patients. Sperm donation allows individuals the joy of parenthood.

Table of content:

1. Who can benefit from sperm donation?

2. About sperm donors

3. Sperm Donation procedure

4. Conclusion

Who can benefit from sperm donation?

Male infertility is a problem that is generally not stressed enough. According to studies, 1 out of 20 men can have fertility issues which include low sperm count, while 1 in 100 men have no sperms at all. Sperm donation is a procedure to help such recipients or couples.

There can be times when the male in the couple has a family history of a specific genetic disorder. People who have experienced serious consequences of genetic disorders in their families often try to do their best to make sure the disorder is not passed on to their children. If these couples are unable to use any other form of fertility treatment or solution then sperm donation is the best way for them. They may not be able to access other treatments due to:

  • Genetic reasons in particular the specific mutation that is causing the problem in the family may not be known
  • Religious reasons and beliefs
  • Ethical reasons
  • Single women who want to become a mother
  • Same-sex female couples

The fertility center in Siliguri provides various options and evaluations for their patients when it comes to sperm donation. They can decide and make a decision.

About sperm donors

Any man can become a sperm donor and donate their sperms based on the conditions:

  • Age is between 18-50 years
  • In good health
  • Has no known genetic conditions
  • Willing to be identified when the children resulting from the donation reach the age of 16 years

Sperm donation procedure

When it comes to sperm donation from the recipients perspective it is pretty simple especially if it is from an anonymous donor. They need to visit a reputed and reliable sperm bank and get a healthy sample of sperm that is for donation. On the other hand, if the donor is someone they know then a legal contract is signed between the two parties and it consists of clauses regarding parental rights and financial considerations if any.


The fertility center in Siliguri looks after all the procedures for sperm donation treatment. You need to make sure that the sperm is healthy and be prepared mentally. The partners need to understand that the child is conceived through sperm donation and there can be emotional and psychological implication which should be taken care of.

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