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The term In Vitro fertilisation, IVF, means fertilisation “in glass” and refers to the process where womens’ eggs are fertilised outside of their womb in the lab. The resulting embryos are then transferred back into the uterus after few days. IVF treatment is suitable for those women with blocked or damaged fallopian tubes.

New life becomes one of the best ivf centres in India incorporating international treatment standards for infertility treatment. It is one of the popular choices for couples seeking fertility treatment throughout the world. Our treatments are done by some of the famous professional doctors, nurses, sonographers and counsellors who are experts in their respective fields. If you are concerned about the fertility treatment, your first responsibility is to book a preliminary appointment to us. As one of the best ivf centres in India, we assured the treatment that will cure all the missing infertility causes and makes you fertile. We will provide you all sorts of assurances and guidance to put your efforts towards success. We will serve couples in their journey of parenthood.

We have been upgrading ourselves throughout the year in improve our process of infertility treatment to the couples to visit us with their problems. We treat them as we could treat our closed one.IVF doctors in Siliguri will give you proper guidance to come out from their issues of infertility.

Dr.Prosenjit Kumar Roy, Dr.Rajeev Agarwal and Dr.Shefali Bansal are some of the eminent doctors are behind the success of New Life. As they recommend you a healthy and stress free lifestyle to find success in infertility treatment, there is nothing to worry as you will be under the concern of best doctors in the city who are capable in gifting you the priceless smile. As one of the best ivf centres in India, New Life will provide you the best facilities to you-Advanced modular ivf lab, Ovam donation, Ovum sharing & sharing support, Blastocyst culture, and Semen donation & banking support.

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