How Does a Woman Find Out if She is Infertile?

How Does a Woman Find Out if She is Infertile?


It is difficult for a woman to find out whether she is infertile or not till the time she is trying to conceive. But it is important to focus on womans health because a majority of the infertility issues starts with women though men are also responsible for that. Finally, both man and woman are equally involved in this part but here, we will discuss the symptoms that tell a lot about infertility in a woman. Our society is always concerned about infertility issues where everyone is accepting good news from a newly married couple.

 Infertility is not a curse; it is just a physical issue and can be treated with the advancement and innovation of medical science. IVF is the best possible way to come out with such issue instead of getting heartbroken. Consult with a doctor and share your experiences to start a journey with IVF treatment. Lets zoom-in into some of the common symptoms of infertility that need to be taken under consideration when a woman faces problem to conceive.

Find out the symptoms of infertility in women

Does it pain?








symptoms of infertility








One of the most common symptoms of infertility is pain during sex. Make sure that is it hurts you during the lovemaking session? Pain during sex might be a reason for health issues like infections, endometriosis, or fibroids. This pain is also called as dyspareunia, where a woman fails to enjoy the session due to serve pain and this may be a symptom of infertility.

Duration of Periods

Periods in a woman are a natural process which is a cycle or a way of releasing tissues that is no longer needed. Biologically, every month your body gets prepared for pregnancy but finally, it depends on the fertilization of egg and the motility of the sperm get attached to the eggs, that brings a positive result. Heavy, long and painful periods can be a symptom of infertility. The cause of the pain might be a sign of endometriosis where tissues usually found in the womb are present elsewhere in the body. So, it creates the risk factor of getting infertile.

Pale menstrual blood

The menstrual cycle is a natural process that comes with bleeding and pain. While going through this period you must check about the density and color of the blood. Normally, menstrual blood is bright at the beginning and get darker over the following days. Passing of pale blood or very dark blood at the beginning can also be a sign of endometriosis. It is better to consult with a doctor if someone is facing such issues.

Irregular menstrual cycle

The length of the menstrual cycle and the regularity is also subjected to infertility because menstrual cycle happens when the ovary releases an egg. Usually, the length of the cycle varies between individuals over time but irregular cycle and missing periods can be a symptom of infertility. Irregular menstrual cycle means the person is having ovulation issues which might include polycystic ovary syndrome, obesity, underweight or thyroid issues.

Hormonal Changes


Hormonal changes in the body are nonspecific and might not be noticed in a normal manner. Abnormal hormonal changes may cause unexplained weight gain, severe acne, loss of sexual desires, cold feet and hands, facial hair in females, nipple discharge, and tiredness. Instead of trying different things, you must consult with the doctor with such issues. Hormonal changes are directly responsible for infertility in women.

Serious medical conditions

Medical conditions also contributed to infertility. A healthy body with a healthy mind is always required for becoming pregnant. Some of the medical conditions that are responsible for making you infertile are damage to the fallopian tubes or ovaries, premature menopause, endometriosis, cancer treatments. Lead a healthy lifestyle and prepare yourself to stay motivated for achieving good results.









If you are worried about your overweight then you must work out to get the right shape because a recent survey reveals that obesity is responsible for infertility. Woman with obesity has a lower chance of conceiving and welcome higher risks during pregnancy in comparison to those without having weight issues.

These are some symptoms of infertility. These will tell a lot about infertility though you must consult with a doctor or visit a fertility clinic to know more about your issues related to infertility. A good lifestyle and proper treatment can sort out the things in a proper way instead of getting any confusion and failure. There is always a chance for positive results if you are motivated towards achieving the goal.

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