Lets See How Your Fertility can be boosted Naturally?

Lets See How Your Fertility can be boosted Naturally?



  During your childhood, you might be taught that you will get pregnant by a touch of your male partner but in reality, this thing is a little complicated. Fertility window of any woman opens every month which means every month the body will get naturally prepared for pregnancy. But with the involvement of certain factors, infertility comes into existence where you can face the trouble of getting pregnant.

In recent days, many couples are trying their best to conceive at the right time but they met failure. In India, the rate of infertility is 14% of the total population and most of the cases are from urban areas in comparison to a rural area. Approximately 27.5 million couples are suffering from infertility issues and the number is increasing. Here, we will discuss the natural ways to come out with such failure and how can a couple increase their fertility for better results.  

Ways to Boost Your Fertility Naturally

Look into your health condition



Lovemaking or engagement of two bodies holds excitement, fun, and satisfaction in true sense. Partners lost their control and get involved in the process aggressively. Especially youngsters never think about regular body check-ups and going to a doctor for checking the health issues. But in reality, your health is directly responsible for fertility and its positive outcomes. The connection between overall health and your reproductive health can be considered seriously. If you are facing trouble in conceiving then you must zoom into your health by maintaining a good diet, doing regular exercise and maintaining proper weight. Better sleep and reducing your stress levels will also help you to increase the chances of getting pregnant. Both men and women need to be careful about maintaining health and getting in touch with a doctor.

Get aware of the signs

The basics of getting pregnant are known to us but when it comes to face the symptoms of infertility you need to be conscious about the signs. If the menstrual cycle is regular in a woman with periods of 26 to 32 days then you can make on days 8-19 after the monthly cycle. But when someone is having irregular cycles then you cant rely on the calendar because you are sure enough about the time of ovulation. To overcome such time you can look into other factors like daily discharge where cervical mucus increases and become stretchy and thin. Another factor is your basal temperature which is the temperature of your body during rest. The rise of temperature to 0.6 degrees and more for 10 days is a sign of ovulation. You can use an ovulation predictor kit to track the right time.

Make it at the right time

Everything comes with timing and the same thing is applicable to your lovemaking session. Once you are ready with the fertile window, maintain a schedule for getting close to your partner. Experts give their view on this regard that a couple must do it every other day from a few days before ovulation until a few days after. Engaging yourself more into the process is not bad because in some cases the male partner is having lower sperm count. Never get stressed or worried about the result when you are enjoying your time. Stress and anxieties most of the time creates barriers in fertility. Choose the right time and stay relaxed during the process of lovemaking.

Choose the right food




Eating the right food is essential and quite beneficial for increasing your fertility. Your body will get the nutritious elements to keep you fertile. Foods that are rich in antioxidants will boost your fertility. Fruits, vegetables, nuts, and grains are rich in antioxidants. One more thing you need to apply in your diet chart is bigger breakfast because survey reveals that eating most of the calories at breakfast reduced insulin and enhance testosterone level. So, a bigger breakfast is beneficial for both men and women. Women ovulated 30% more than those women who ate a smaller breakfast. Eat healthy fats and cut down carbohydrates from your diet to the best results. To boost your fertility eat healthy and stay healthy.

Maintain a healthy weight




Your body weight can be a major barrier in the process of getting pregnant. If you are looking into the mirror with a smile because your waist looks so attractive over the latest outfit then also you need to check your body weight with Body Mass Index. You may find out whether you are overweight or underweight. A BMI between 18.5 to 24.9 is considered healthy weight whereas BMI below 18.5 is considered as underweight. BMI between 25 to 30 is overweight and above that is considered obese. Dont be worried because if there is a will, there is a way. Try to cope up with the situation and start eating healthy foods along with regular exercise. Sleep properly and work hard to keep the body in proper shape and size. Your lifestyle and good habits will keep you on track so that you can achieve success.

The biological process is linked to psychological and mental balance. Stay relaxed, free and motivated towards the end result. Avoid bad habits like skipping breakfast, smoking, and late-night sleep and try to concentrate on improving the schedule of your daily life. Age is also a common factor for infertility. So you need to put your efforts at the right time before its too late. Follow these tips and boost your fertility naturally.

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