The Importance Of 3 Full Cycles Of IVF

The Importance Of 3 Full Cycles Of IVF


Quite often the couples seek medical care after a year or two of trying to conceive. Regardless of anything, fertility issues are one of the common reasons for women to visit doctors. If it is left untreated then, that same thing can result in stress, depression and emotional distress. Therefore, it is very important to go for the full three cycles of In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF). As many research has proved that age is the main factor that can change the prediction of IVF success. As the couples age, the likelihood of becoming pregnant declines which the IVF centre in Siliguri also agrees with. Therefore, the full cycles of IVF or fertility treatment should be sought in the early years for the best possible result.

Table of Contents:

  • What is the significance of three full cycles of IVF?
  • Treatments involved in the cycles
  • Benefits of the three IVF cycles

What is the significance of three full cycles of IVF?

As mentioned before, the factor of age is very essential for IVF treatment and this implies for three full cycles as well. The IVF centre in Siliguri understands the declining of egg quality in female and sperm count in male. This instruction linked with the age factor is spread to many people who wants to get the information. Therefore, the demand of the IVF cycles has increased since the past few years. The full cycle of IVF includes-

  • Ovarian stimulation and
  • Egg retrieval
  • Insemination
  • Embryo placement

For many patients 80% of pregnancy chance is excellent and anything less than 50% is poor. Well, women view success rates of 20-35% per cycle. However, the chances of getting pregnant decrease with each successive round. Significantly, the cost also increases in each round. This is why the IVF centre in Siliguri recommends three IVF cycles. It amazingly increases the pregnancy chances to 45-53% and is also cost-effective.

The procedures that are involved in these steps make everything comfortable. The success with IVF also increases as patients will be able to respond with the treatment. It's all about the cycles and the chances of success and IVF treatment does that perfectly. The three IVF cycles are also clinically effective for women who are under the age of 40.

For understanding the cycles more clearly, patients should seek out the help of the doctor. The IVF centre in Siliguri assists by diagnosing the condition and will give better insight into the procedure.

Note: The early intervention of the fertility issues increases the success chance of three IVF cycles at a rapid rate.

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